Bloody Mike Will Protest Trump Today

Posted June 29th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Trump speaks at Boston’s Langham Hotel today.
Capuano to protest trump
The usual rabble of Communists, Socialists, Atheists, traitors, perverts and drug users will assemble to protest.
Representative “BLOODY MIKE” Crapuano plans to lead them.

7th CD Congressverman Mike Crapuano – who told the crowds back in 2010 during his failed bid to replace Fat Teddy – that he, like Kennedy “was the ultimate Washington insider…”. He lost the nomination to Martha Coakley….who went on to lose to Scott Brown.

Crapuano is a closet communist – calls himself a ‘progressive’,  and he was backing Bernie Sanders for president.

Capuano for Sanders

It appears that unlike Elizabeth Warren who also vigorously backed Sanders,  – Crapuano is unwelcome on the Hillary Bandwagon.  So maybe today’s protest action – likely in the rain,  – is his way of getting on her good side.

If you ever wonder what side of an issue you should be supporting,  – just check to see what Bloody Mike is doing.  The slippery bastard is always on the wrong side of History.

Here’s a flashback to 2011,  when along with Markey the Ice Cream Man,  and Steve Lynch the ironworker,  Crapuano called for his union goon supporters to ‘get a little bloody’ – with TEA Party protesters just across the street.

Watch the evening news; – we can pretty much count on Crapuano to say something uncivil,  inflammatory,  and utterly stupid.

Mass 7th CD

Too bad the bulk of the working class communities which make up his gerrymandered 7th CD don’t understand what a fraud he is – pretending to be on their side. 

He actually sees himself as part of the enlightened ruling intelligentsia…way above their level….

Capuano know-it-all

Crapuano’s voters need to ask themselves, – then ask HIM:   What has he ever done for jobs in the District since he went to Congress in 1999.

Seventeen (17) years – what ONE THING has he done?
No Mike,  blaming the rich doesn’t count as an ‘accomplishment’!

Trust Fund Babies protest Trump

UPDATE: Wednesday Afternoon 29 June 2016 The crowd of anti-Trump protesters was so small that neither Crapuano nor Boston Councilor-at-Large Ayanna Pressley needed so much as a bullhorn.

Crapuano Pressley Occupy Langham

Pressley wed ConanPressley is a rising star in Progressive Politics.  From Chicago, – she’s worked for JPK II and Lurch, and is the first Black woman on Boston’s city council.

Her husband Conan Harris works for Mayor Marty Walsh.


Discerning viewers will note that Bloody Mike wore the same tie today that he wore back in February 2011.   It must be his ‘rabble-rousing tie’...



2 Responses to “Bloody Mike Will Protest Trump Today”

  1. Sherox

    Mike Caupuano, until you are willing to change the way Congress is allowed to make money to be identical to what the Average Joe can do, as in doing away with insider trading, etc, you are guilty.

  2. Hawk1776

    Mike Caupuano, buddy of Nancy Pelosi and Anthony Weiner, friend of the dingbats, champion of the socialists, living off the public forever. Brought to you by Massholes Productions.