Blood-Soaked Al-Rawda Prayer Rugs

Posted November 25th, 2017 by Iron Mike

109 wounded – 335 dead, – to teach you a LESSON!
There are big differences between the church in Sutherland, Texas and the Al-Rawda Mosque in Egypt,  – and tragically – similarities.

As a member of the US Air Force,  Devin Patrick Kelley was a violent man who beat up his wife and broke his infant stepson’s skull.  He was court-martialed – and served a year in prison.

His rage at the world and his 2nd wife continued, – and he shot up her family church in Sutherland, Texas killing 25 people – before being shot by an NRA instructor.

The reaction across Liberal America was to instantly blame GUNS and the NRA, – even before we knew his name.

He had been dishonorably discharged, and with his federal conviction was barred from ever owning a firearm.

But an Air Force clerical error – and his ability to lie on his application in Colorado meant he was fully armed. Our government and our LAWS failed to protect the innocent churchgoers.  Only a good man with a gun could do that.

As dawn broke across the desert sand at Arish, Northern Sinai on Friday,  the Muslim faithful went to their local Mosque to clean their souls and make peace with Allah.

Before they could finish and go home, there were explosions – possibly grenades or IEDs, and automatic weapons fire.  The victims were packed in the square mosque like sardines – and unlike the church in Texas,  – there were no pews to hide under.

The shooting continued.  The ISIS attackers had come in cross-country / off-road vehicles, and they were determined to inflict the maximum carnage.  They stayed long enough to shoot up those who fled outside and the few ambulances that came.

They were likely running very low on ammo when they finally departed.

335 dead – 109 wounded,….and a city in shock….

No, not really.   Such carnage is the legacy of the Prophet – for over 1400 bloody years This is Islam in all it’s gory glory.


If you think for a moment that Arish, Egypt is “a world away’ from your safe home,  your peaceful church,  or your secure job – think again!

Let these senseless deaths mean something to you – and your idiot friends.  All around you are people with simplistic COEXIST bumper sticker brains,  – who sincerely believe we should be letting in hundreds of thousands of ‘peaceful Muslims’ to enrich our tapestry.

Obama, Hillary and Kerry were DOING JUST THAT – sneaking them in by the planeload.

Trump wants to VET (examine in detail) anybody from terror-infected countries. Judges Derrick Watson and Theodore Chuang continue to block his executive orders.

These ‘judges’ are essentially insane – filled with anti-white one-world liberalism – and a goodly measure of Trump hatred.  They should be impeached – removed from their benches!

Liberals will continue to pillory the NRA – calling them the abettors of murder. 

Liberal politicians like Dianne Feinstein will continue to call for disarming Americans, – as if by some magic law 300 million firearms would actually be surrendered.

She really wants us all as helpless as the victims in the Al-Rawda Mosque – to be slaughtered like fish in a barrel.



And back Trump in keeping Muslim ‘immigrants’ out for awhile – like maybe 20 – 30 years.  We have enough problems with the Devin Kelley’s amongst us;  – we don’t need a growing ISIS threat slaughtering Americans here!

Folks,  read and try to understand our Constitution.   Our Founding Fathers knew ALL ABOUT Muslims….

4 Responses to “Blood-Soaked Al-Rawda Prayer Rugs”

  1. Panther 6

    The problem is that, in spite of what President Bush said about ISLAM being a religion of peace it is far from that. Radical islam stems from the same Koran as a peaceable strain and in my mind can not be separated. IF you are a muslim you can be influenced to become a radical killer. Now it appears they are willing to kill en masse muslim believers in a mosque. Either islam will have a revolt internally and disavowy any and all comments in their holy books that further the thought of jihad and isis type activity or the radicals will continue killing their own in an effort to get all muslims to adhere to their radical ways. Coexistance with the islamic radicals is not possible – ever. They will kill us all if we don’t submit and become like them. Just my opinion.

  2. Sonny's Mom

    Panther6: this was a Sufi mosque. To isis, “peaceful” Muslims like the Sufus not only appear weak, they’re not even considered “real Muslims”.

  3. Panther 6

    Sonny’s Mom; Yes you are correct and that is part of the muslim religion problem. Unfortunately we now must live with that problem. Ans it is here in the US as well.

  4. Kojack

    There are peaceful muslims but there is no peaceful islam. The “radical” muslims are simply ones who embrace the WHOLE koran. When a muslim is “radicalized” he/she is simply acting on what the koran instructs the followers of mohammed to do. Ban them ALL, permanently until there is some kind of reformation.