Blockbusting Returns – Driven By Obama!

Posted July 24th, 2013 by Iron Mike

SecHUD DonovanNow the Government will do it ,…because with Obama – everything is always ALL ABOUT RACE.

‘Compensation’ – the new way to spread your wealth around – coming to your neighborhood.

If you’re under 40, – right now you have no clue what I’m talking about.   OK, get informed


For saleIn it’s simplest form – as practiced early in [drum roll please…] Chicago, slick real-estate agents would convince white homeowners that the Government was going to move ghetto Blacks into their neighborhoods.

This would cause panicked whites to sell quickly and cheaply.

Then the homes would be sold to Blacks with government-subsidized [or privately-subsidized] mortgages – at full [sometimes inflated] value. Scare tactics produced a windfall profit for the real-estate agents, and the effect snowballed.

By the 1980 the term came to be misused – as a name for the Federal Government’s tactic of forced integration of all-white neighborhoods…

The Fair Housing Act of 68 and a Supreme Court case Lindmark Assoc vs Willingboro 1977 largely put a stop to ‘blockbusting‘. Now it’s about to return – driven by HUD attorneys under Sean Donovan.


The first hints of what is about to happen came in Secretary Donovan’s speech to the NAACP last week in Orlando. In it he…

–  claimed 7.2 million ‘new jobs’ – […failed to mention Black Unemployment at 13.7%]

–  claimed that HUD had gotten $65 MILLION in ‘compensation‘ for Blacks who’d allegedly been discriminated against in the housing market. Please NOTE his word – ‘allegedly’...

–  claimed that real-estate agents still don’t show available units to Black customers [11% to 17%…?]

–  plans to ‘expand access to high opportunity neighborhoods’

–  quoted a PEW study saying that Black families lost 53% of their wealth from 2005-09 [aka Bush’s fault]

–  claimed he had strong-armed $50 BILLION in mortgage ‘relief’ for 620,000 homeowners…

–  claimed that banks are still at fault for foreclosures…and threatened $5 MILLION for EACH faulty foreclosure. [Guess who’ll be making up that money…]

–  claimed that the FHA had practically ‘saved’ the housing market… [you can’t live without government?]

–  spoke in vague glowing terms about ‘promise zones’ and ‘ladders of opportunity’ – with ‘HUD-subsidized housing as the centerpiece of thriving vibrant neighborhoods’.

And of course he cast blame on Republicans in the House for wanting to cut HUD’s budget.

WHAT TO EXPECT…Donovan with Goons

Expect HUD to use your tax $$ to map your cities and towns, neighborhood-by-neighborhood – with charts and graphs showing people by RACE [and maybe by by gay / straight?] and income.

If your neighborhood and town don’t meet acceptable Federal Guidelines, – you will be targeted!

The new angle is that ‘Black people may not know they were discriminated against…’, – so HUD will get them compensation anyway [spreading your wealth around – by court order].

Will it happen all at once? NO. Like most Progressive programs it will start in a series of targeted all-white communities near major urban Democratic cities.

These will be picked in some measure by who is sitting on the bench in the nearby Federal Courts, because Obama, Donovan & Cartel will want any early court challenges squashed quickly.

They probably will not pick heavily white neighborhoods around Washington, DC – where high-ranking government bureaucrats and executives live.


In the end – of course you will!   But how?

Look for the Feds – HUD – to experiment with various attack plans – against real-estate agencies, banks, towns, and finally against individual homeowners.

Any ‘successful’ Democratic plan must fulfill four (4) key criteria:

(a). it must create a new federal/state bureaucracy,

(b). it must seem to give money / advantage to minorities,

(c). it must punish successful hard-working middle-class white families, and

(d) it MUST siphon off money for political campaigns.

It may totally ignore anything to do with human nature, the laws of physics, or market-driven reality.  Facts and Budgets are NEVER an issue….

LASTLY, – it must not actually encourage minority [Black] families to get better educated, to work hard at a job or a trade, to save and invest money, to put off childbirth until after marriage,

– or see themselves as anything but perpetual victims, – needing to be cared for, fed, housed, and tended to by the Democratic Party and the Federal Government.

Coming to your neighborhood


2008 CampaignShould she win in 2016,
– expect the program to proceed with a vengeance

… because Hillary is determined to out-do Obama in every corner of government

…to prove that ‘she was always the better man’!


UPDATE:   Monday, 15 June 2015  Can you say that we here at RRB could see into the future?
Blockbusting gets real

3 Responses to “Blockbusting Returns – Driven By Obama!”

  1. Tom

    This is nothing more than busing to “integrate” the schools that was an unmitigated disaster in the sixties and seventies. The urban schools were destroyed and the white flight to the suburbs began.
    The city of Detroit is the poster child for white flight, educational disaster and bankruptcy. This was started by Mayor Coleman Young and perpetuated by his successors.
    All patriotic Americans should not respond to the race question and only elect members to the House and Senate that abhor this racial tactic.

  2. Casey Chapman

    This is just one more way to make all our cities over on the Detroit model.

  3. Larry Redmond

    This is an unmitigated potential disaster. I am embarrassed that an Irishman, even a demorat, would push this idea. I for one live in a gated, guarded upscale community in FL. We have no lack of black residents (folks who did well in this country), Koreans, Japanese and a large number of Phillippinos. There is no problem that appears to need solving based on this community. OH yes, I missed it this approach will ensure MORE demorat votes.