BLM Vandals Take No Prisoners!

Posted June 17th, 2020 by Iron Mike

The Mayor of Olympia Washington (the State Capitol) took care to tell local merchants to board up their windows before the BLM protests….

Then she learned the hard way that BLM isn’t about “winning over hearts and minds”;  – it’s all about instilling FEAR!

Look at Mayor Selby’s Facebook page;  – could she have been pandering any harder?

We’re guessing that BLM didn’t bother to look at Mayor Selby’s Facebook page before they packed their rucksacks with cans of spray paint.   Or, they didn’t give a damn…..

At RRB we think this will be a long hard summer for Mayor Selby.

With the State Capital in her town, (includes failed Democrat presidential candidate Governor Jay Inslee) – BLM will continue to agitate and make life miserable and scary for white residents.

That is their sole purpose – domestic terrorism.

And Mayor Selby just learned it the hard way.  File an insurance claim (higher premiums),  – or have her kids repaint the house?

White Liberals,  – Black Liberals,  – Hispanic Liberals,  – ALL liberals will learn the hard way;  – when that mob is in front of your store – in front of your home,  – or blocking your way on the interstate they are there bent on DOMESTIC TERRORISM,…

– they’re not going to stop and read your Facebook page.

4 Responses to “BLM Vandals Take No Prisoners!”

  1. panther 6

    You reap what you sew. I am hard pressed to think that at least some of our liberal leaders are waking up. Surely our voters are seeing that this has to stop and vote out the cowards.

  2. Walter Knight

    Will Mayor Selby learn BLM is the enemy? Probably not. However, when protesters tried to get the city of Olympia to suspend open carry of firearms laws, Selby said no, open carry is state law and a Constitutional right.

  3. Blossom Stiefel

    As we watched the unleashing of the violence and intimidation throughout the country, culminating in the subsequent acquiescing by the ruling class to virtually all demands of the radical left in order to ensure peace never works, these criminals must be arrested and prosecuted and spend years in prison for their crimes.

    Pandering and bowing to these thugs is bad for all of us, and it simply emboldens these gangs. Until we bring in the military to take care of the violence, we are in trouble.

  4. panther 6

    Agree completely with Blossom’s comments above.

    As an aside, I saw a comment on AOL this AM where Mayor Selby is now calling the Antifa and BLM thugs Domestic Terrorists. Her eyes may have been opened a little by their attack on her home.