BLM Thugs Invade DC Restaurant

Posted June 26th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Until judges start handing out severe sentences for trespass, bullying, terrorism, and menacing. BLM thugs will get bolder and more obnoxious by the day.  Go everywhere ARMED!
Scary video below the fold: 

This is 5 blocks from the White House.  They’re sending a very clear message.

This promises to be an ugly summer.  Get ARMED!  Carry everywhere!

Too bad Röhm isn’t around to tell these young thugs how Hitler repaid him for his efforts,  – and how the story ends…..

3 Responses to “BLM Thugs Invade DC Restaurant”

  1. Sherox

    What was his outcome? Killed by the very people he supported.

  2. Bob Monty

    This is exciting:

  3. Kojack

    BOB MONTY -Thank you for the much needed encouragement. If that happened everywhere they showed up, Soros would stop wasting his money. That goes for BLM too.

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