BLM Shake-Down Thug Charged!

Posted June 27th, 2020 by Iron Mike

He was shaking down a Madison restaurant when he was arrested.  That arrest sparked the BLM riots.

Now US Attorney for Western Wisconsin – Scott Blader,  has charged Devonere Johnson with extortion…

We showed this video before:

Johnson has a record – been arrested and tried a few times;  – always managed to skate – which likely emboldened him.

Felony Theft – 2016 – holding two men at gunpoint and stealing their cell phones (5 years probation)

Felony Assault – 2015 – shooting left a Minnesota bus passenger shot in the neck and paralyzed (acquitted)

Scott Blader was previously District Attorney of Waushara County from 2007 to 2017,  and was TWICE named Prosecutor of the Year.

Johnson better have a good lawyer.

Shake-down artist Johnson seemed to favor restaurants and bars,  – demanding free food, drinks, and cash. 

There will be multiple witnesses,  – and of course surveillance video.

Sorry Liberals:  Mister Johnson isn’t a “Black Victim”;  – he’s a career black criminal,  – a violent shake-down artist,  – who’d learned that Liberal Judges would let him off.

The moment that you Liberals begin believing that Black Americans, – 155 years removed from Slavery,  – – can lead their lives in a separate / parallel world and ignore the laws of the land “because they’re victims”,  – you are guilty of the worst kind of RACISM!

3 Responses to “BLM Shake-Down Thug Charged!”

  1. Sue Ettwein

    Amen to everything you said! I was watching that horrible video thinking, “I wonder what will happen when he finally shuts up and nobody raises their fists. I was horrified to see quite a number of patrons did just that! And some clapping but I couldn’t tell if that was the patrons or the goons applauding themselves. Now they are threatening more of the same-or worse – saying nobody will be able to enjoy a meal in peace. How soon until these Brown Shirts in Training are coming into peoples’ homes? I used to say, when this all started to ramp up, that at least I would be dead before we really and truly lost the country. Perhaps not. Scary times we live in.

  2. Glennzo

    A Double tap would cure this Turd

  3. Blossom Stiefel

    These thugs are criminals that are getting away with their violence because we have liberal District Attorneys, judges, mayors and governors that ask the police to look away as these thugs viciously attack law-abiding citizens. Instead of arresting these criminals for their crimes, they encourage warnings, counseling and conflict resolution. These brats are emboldened, they need to be arrested and put in jail for a very long time. The violence will come to an end as soon as they are punished.

    We are allowing lawbreakers to be in charge as our law enforcement takes a back seat. This must change, and fast.