BLM Painted Mayor Liccardo’s House

Posted August 29th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Oh,  of course it started out as a “Peaceful Protest”,  – a mere 150 marching on City Hall demanding the San Jose police be defunded…

Then some marched to the mayor’s house:

They came with spray cans….

Mayor Liccardo doesn’t understand why they picked on him.

But you should….

BLM is a domestic terrorist group funded by George Soros,  – with the ultimate goal of creating total chaos,  and bringing about a Communist government,  – likely with our Nation split into six or seven smaller countries.  (Theory: smaller countries can’t wage wars…and won’t help each other.)

So both the population as a whole and all people in leadership must be terrorized,  – driven from office,  – and the population taught not to resist.

If not stopped,  these BLM mobs will grow quickly into marauding hordes,  – and they WILL be in your neighborhood,  – demanding tribute.

BIG US companies have already coughed up $1 Billion to BLM in the past 5 years.  They are now nearly self-funding.

What can you do?

1.  WAKE UP!  Realize you’re in the midst of a war zone.   You didn’t ask for it,  – it’s being thrust upon you.   And it’s NOT about ‘race’.   This is a war being waged by people who want what you have,  – but who don’t want to WORK for it.   Easier to just take!

2.  Elect hard-core politicians to run your local and state government,  – not those pussified libturds you’ve been putting in office forever.

3.  Re-elect Trump – or we’re all doomed…

4.  Ammo up. When the mob comes down your street, you and your trusted neighbors need to meet them with enough well-aimed firepower that the ones left alive crawl away crying.  Don’t wait to see what they intend.   At some point they’ll stop painting houses,  – and they’ll be burning them.

5.  Pray!  Pray for our Young Republic!

2 Responses to “BLM Painted Mayor Liccardo’s House”

  1. Kojack

    Take down the “leaders” first. Gut shots are very painfull and it takes hours to die from one. Might give the others something to think about.

  2. panther 6

    Kojack is correct and the screaming would give some of them something to think about for sure. Sad that our great nation is coming to this but I fear it is. And it is clear that the demorats are encouraging this conduct. Would be great if the FBI and DOJ could tie all this rioting to Mr. Soros and his organization.