BLM Lied, Lancaster PA Race Riots Erupt!

Posted September 14th, 2020 by Iron Mike

In EVERY town and city in America – the agents of George Soros are just WAITING on the next person shot by police – NO MATTER what circumstances, – to fire up a riot.

Black Lives Matter was ready yesterday – they immediately told their useful idiots that the cops had killed an “UNARMED BLACK MAN” – and a riot ensued. 2 videos: 

Officer’s body-cam video.   NOTE how fast the action takes place – mere seconds, – as the cop retreats from the onslaught.

Just FYI,  Munoz was charged in March 2019 with stabbing 4 people. We have to wonder why he was not behind bars yesterday afternoon.

While BLM quickly tried to claim Police had just shot an unarmed BLACK MAN,  Munoz is listed on court records as WHITE…



To summarize:  BLM lied to start another race riot – over the sad but clearly justified shooting of a dangerous WHITE person who was a repeat offender.

Their goal is to destabilize our country with RIOTS.  They don’t give a flying fuck about Black people; – they’re just using them as cannon fodder in their riots.

2 Responses to “BLM Lied, Lancaster PA Race Riots Erupt!”

  1. panther 6

    Another armed citizen going after police and getting himself shot. Appears the will never learn… It truly is obvious to even a casual observer that resisting can get you killed, very dead, on the slab for an exam to determine how much and what type of drugs was in your system. Guess learning this hard fact is beyond them.

  2. jim

    I can see the Amish out there, chasing these miscreants out of town with their horse and buggies.