Black Lives Matter Protests Getting Bolder

Posted July 21st, 2016 by Iron Mike

Right under Obama’s approving nose they block streets and sidewalks in Washington DC on Wednesday.
BLM  DC  Walk Around
Police Chief tells cops to “…stand down – arrest nobody”.

BLM Useful Idiots

BLM and Black Youth Project 100 picked their target for psychological impact – the legislative office of the Fraternal Order of Police at 328 Mass Ave NE.

They blocked the street, the sidewalk, and the gated entrance to the building.

BLM  Clarise

They planned to stay for 25 hours – representing the 25 hours thug Michael Brown’s body lay on the Ferguson, Missouri street where he fell.

But they must have been short of volunteers, – they were gone after 15 hours….

BLM  black uniforms

Not to be snide,  but an asphalt street in summer can be way hotter than an Alabama cotton field…and these kids don’t much look like they’re used to sweating….

How many of these ‘peaceful protesters’ do you suppose knows a young Black neighborhood kid who (1). sells drugs, and (2). has an illegal gun…?

Chief lanier blames guns

Next time Chief  – have someone hand these ‘protesters’ job applications for the police department;   – see if they’ll put their lives on the line in your murder capital…

2 Responses to “Black Lives Matter Protests Getting Bolder”

  1. Hunter556

    Chief Lanier: If guns are the issue… many friendly fire incidents happened within your force last year? Last decade? How many blacks were killed in your district at the hands of other blacks last year? Last decade?


  2. GreenBeretLTC

    I still think we’d be better off today had Lincoln lived….