Black Friday in Tax-a-chusetts?

Posted November 12th, 2009 by Iron Mike

Hello Americans!  And all you right-wing blog-reading extremists too!

Well, with Veterans’s Day passed it’s time for our stores to gear up for our annual Christmas shopping.  All eyes will be on “Black Friday” – the Friday following Thanksgiving that is always the most heavily shopped day of the year, and the day that many retailers finally reach the break-even mark for the year.  After Black Friday, everything sold is finally real profit – and the basis for staying in business after New Year’s Eve.

Thanks to our left-wing socialist state legislature and our inept bumbling, mumbling G’vnor Deval Patrick, – a lot of Massachusetts retailers will be closing their doors after Christmas.  You see our elected “leaders” could find no value in tightening our state budget.  They just couldn’t cut “services“!    So they enacted a 25% sales tax increase.   Gotta keep those government employees in jobs – they’re a guaranteed voting block.

Pheasant Lane Mall - Nashua

Pheasant Lane Mall - Nashua

So guess where hundreds of thousands of Mass-holers will go shopping this season?

That’s right – New Hampshire!  That will make the malls up there way more crowded, so Mass-holes – better shop early!  And while you’re driving up there, – while you’re stuck in the traffic snarls, – while you’re driving back in the dark, remember that you voted these vote-buying socialists into office.  You are responsible for that 25% sales tax increase.  You are responsible for the retailers who will shut down after Christmas,  and the staffs they’ll have to lay off.  And even if you finally wake up and dump that whole bunch of socialists next November,  that 25% additional tax will still be in your face for Christmas 2010.

Are you one of the 10.2%  unemployed, and you can’t really afford Christmas shopping this year?   Well, – did you vote for “Hope and Change” last year?   Still holding onto hope that things will change?   Check over the Christmas specials at K-Mart, – and remember it’s the thought that counts.   What do you think Obama, Patrick and their socialist legislators on Beacon Hill and in Congress are thinking about?   Do you think they care about your Christmas tree?  Do you think they consider you a citizen,  a subject, – or just a number?  Do you think the Obama White House will observe Christmas, – or “the Holidays”?   Had enough already?

It is the thought that counts.  Think about dumping these socialist bastards!

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, Still Good for Parts!

2 Responses to “Black Friday in Tax-a-chusetts?”

  1. rr

    Excellent post, Mike… I love it. 🙂

  2. Lonnie Brennan

    Yup, N. Hampshire is pushing their new motto:

    “Tax free shopping,
    365 days/year.”

    Our legislators are morons.