Biting Back At The Bitch

Posted May 25th, 2011 by Iron Mike

See you in Court Arianna!

Judge says lawsuit by alleged Huff-Po co-founders can go forward.

Once upon a time Arianna Huffington was an outspoken conservative. Then her Congressman hubby announced he was bi-sexual. Damn!  So she went looking for solace on the dark side and founded the Huffington Post to attack G W Bush. In February she sold the HuffPo to AOL for $315 Million.

Early HuffPo Masthead

Back in 2004 two left-wing bloggers / spinmeisters from the Kerry campaign discussed an idea for a left-wing blog site with Ms. Huffington.

Peter Daou and James Boyce claim their concept grew into the now famous Huffington Post. But since they didn’t get either recognition or a cut of the sale, they are taking their claim for $105 million to court.

Arianna has other legal problems too. Many of the bloggers who contributed to HuffPo’s success in recent years claim to have been unpaid. There is probably a class action suit from them in the works too.

As an absolute minimum, lefty Arianna is going to get an up close sample of life surrounded by hyenas – er, trial lawyers. Some of her $315 Million is going to end up in their pockets.  I guess this is another version of ‘spreading the wealth around‘.

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   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

I guess the party’s over . . . they’ve lost that lovin’ feeling . . .  

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