BiSexual Sinema vs A-10 Pilot McSally

Posted September 13th, 2018 by Iron Mike

In the Arizona Senate race (to replace retiring Jeff Flake) it ought to be pretty clear cut,  – a Democrat nut job vs an Air Force Combat A-10 Pilot and Squadron Commander.

But truth stranger than fiction – they BOTH hold seats in the US House.  The fight is ugly,  because the little Democrat has some baggageVideo:

For starters, Democrat Sinema is openly bi-sexual – thus far the only one in the House.  Trained as a social workershe is full of the usual ooey-gooey left-wing ideas on life and politics.  She represents the wealthy suburbs east of Phoenix.

McSally represents the southeast corner of Arizona – right on the Mexican Border,  where ranchers see a steady stream of illegals cutting across their property.

She is an AF Academy grad,  and flew A-10s in combat – retiring as a Colonel.

The recent controversy over Sinema revolves around the OLDEST PROFESSION – prostitution….and as usual, the bi-sexual Sinema is on tape advocating that men who engage child prostitutes SHOULDN’T be charges with soliciting a minor if they “reasonably believed the child was of age”. GROAN!

While posting this, I find it most remarkable that a so-called “Democrat” (she started out in the Green Party) – – who should be concerned with women and children,  – is so utterly cavalier about the fate of under-age girls working as prostitutes.

What is wrong with Democrats – other than their sheer hypocrisy…?

Over her political career young Sinema has taken in some questionable money….(proving she is a stalwart Democrat):

To try covering up the smell of a corpse – she donated $33K to a charity – after a dead male prostitute named Gemmel Moore was found in Democrat Donor Ed Buck’s home West Hollywood home.

Then Sinema donated another $53.4K to charity to “erase her ties” with donors who had links to and Carl Ferrer…. Very tainted money!!

Sinema opposed the War on Terrorism,  – wanted all terrorists tired in US Courts (she’s a lawyer), favors the DREAM Act,  – and blasted stay-at-home moms as ‘leeches’

5 Responses to “BiSexual Sinema vs A-10 Pilot McSally”

  1. Kojack

    Anyone with morals, values and patriotism would not want to be associated with the DEMOCRAP party.

  2. integrity 1st

    This thing with all the money she pays out (WHERE does she get it) needs to be overexposed and linked to the what’s and why she is making these donations. It is disgusting!

  3. Catherine

    So anyone who can, should support McSally with some cash she can use to publicize the other’s problems!

  4. Panther 6

    McSally is the only choice for lots of reasons. Sadly her opponent’s carrying on is probably not well publicized except in places like the RRB. Keep up the good work Mike.

  5. Kojack

    I watched the Town Hall on immigration last night on Fox in AZ. There were two DACA recipients in the crowd, one was a nurse and one was morbidly obese and referred to herself as a “doctor”, though she didn’t elaborate on what kind of “doctor” she is. Both made reference to the “dreamers”, a term which infuriates me, as it implies that Americans don’t have dreams. The nurse, in particular, described at length the “trauma” she went thru when ICE took her ILLEGAL ALIEN MOTHER into custody in front of her and her younger brother. A man in the audience to his credit called her on the fact that her mother was here ILLEGALLY. No one called either of them on the fact THEY EACH TOOK AN OPPORTUNITY AWAY FROM A TAXPAYING, LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZEN.