Bird Watching In Boston

Posted October 24th, 2009 by Iron Mike

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Hi Americans,

I went bird watching in Bean Town today.  I actually went in to be a visible anti-Obama and anti-Deval Patrick protester.   I stood politely at the entrance to the Weston Copley waiving to star-struck fat-cat Dems – many arriving in SUVs.  But a smattering of middle-aged moonbats walking by threw me the “bird”.   A lifelong nature lover,  I usually try to capture these flightless birds, and engage their owners in conversation.

Liar and Loser

Liar and Loser

Their MEssiah was in town to continue his campaign for “green jobs” by dangling your dollars in front of MIT.  Then he was on to a $5,000/plate lunch at the Weston to help his old college bro – our inept mumbling Governor Deval PatrickDuh-val’s re-election campaign is in deep doo-doo, – he can’t raise enough money for yard signs and bumper stickers, let alone air time.  And with our statewide unemployment now at 9.3%,  – he’s got nothing to show for that inane campaign slogan “Together we can!”

OBummer came to help.  Hey, what the hell, – beats making that decision on Afghanistan.  They collected about $600K, from which the cost of Air Force One is supposed to be deducted.  Frankly there were more Boston Police protecting these two worthless windbags than there were Fat Cat Democrats in attendance.

Countrywide Chris

Countrywide Chris

Then OBummer went down to Stamford CT to help out another career scumbag – “Countrywide Chris”.  Dodd served three terms in the House before being elected to the Senate in ’80.  He is probably the single most corrupt windbag in the US Senate.  And since he is so closely associated and blamed for the sub-prime mess, the “Dump Dodd” movement is well afoot in the Nutmeg State.   Chris has a huge home in Ireland where he plans to live out his days while fighting extradition.  For the damage Chris has done to our country he belongs in a federal prison.

Neither Deval or Dodd should be worth the time or the campaign assistance of a worthy president.   They aren’t worth the carbon footprint AF One left today.   But we’ll follow Obama’s advice and judge him – not on that silly ranting old Reverend Wright, – but by the company he keeps!  [See he didn’t keep Wright, he tossed him under the bus.]   Tonight OBummer called Dodd “one of my favorites“.  The Stamford dinner raised $1 Mil which will help pay for AF One’s fuel bill and all those black SUVs.

While OBummer was campaigning in New England,  – his White House goons threw yet another failing Democrat under the bus.  Virginia Dem Creigh Deeds is way behind in the polls [all that Obama / Biden / Pelosi stuff tends to rub off when you live in Virginia] and THE MEssiah cannot be associated with a loser,  so under the bus he went.   Gee Barack, what about loser Deval Patrick and loser Chris Dodd?

While bird watching,  I observed that there were no Obama supporters gathered to show gratitude.  The birds were coming from tourists and passerbys.  And when you ask them what they still like about Obama, – they sputter and blurt “Don’t you want health care?”   They seem to be running out of logic or words to defend their Chosen One, so they toss the bird.

/s/  Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Oh, BTW, the “very lovely” Michelle was out West – doing the Jay Leno Show.  Kinda reminds you of the way the Clintons used to travel, doesn’t it.  I wonder where Valerie was today . . .

One Response to “Bird Watching In Boston”

  1. David Christian Newton

    How refreshing. I am descended from Newtons who entered intot the Boston area in the 1640’s. More importantly, it was a real pleasure to run into your page. We have a small bed and breakfast in a scenic area in northern Mexico. We receive birdwatchers (we have 420 species – annualized) – and find that about half are essentially communists and other forms of bright-red marxists. The other half are just folks who like to see, tape record bird calls, enjoy the out-of-doors, drink beer and margaritas or lemonade and relax. Our place is in a very tranquil, almost remote, very scenic, and very typical environment.
    When I saw the title “Bird Watching in Boston” on a conservative page…I thought “We have to talk to these folks!” Once reviewing your page…it was so refreshing to find someone publishing sanity in the middle of the Peoples’ Republic of Kennedia…..
    We have sent a small contribution to Brown a few days ago….from our address in Texas….

    It would be a real pleasure for you all to review our web page (above included) and/or our blog…which is pretty conservative for the clientele we attract…and which can be found at

    One can only imagine how much fun it might be to have a bunch of people like you at our place for a week or so. We only accommodate two or three people at a time….but it would be a really good way to waste time, see birds, butterflies (major monarch flyway is right on our adobe house), drink beer (or not), and make jokes about “progressives”

    Thanks for your great site! We are putting it on “bookmarks” for frequent future reference.

    David Christian Newton
    “The Old Gringo”