Bin Laden Is Remaking The Map

Posted February 20th, 2011 by Iron Mike

With ten years to see the results, do you begin to see the Big Picture?  9/11 was an attack on the USA, – but far more it was a demonstration of what is possible, and a world-wide recruiting tool.

Bin Laden’s dream of youthful uprisings across the entire Islamic world is happening right now.  From Morocco to Tunisia to Libya to Egypt to Bahrain to Iran and beyond, the youth are in the streets,  dictators are ordering police and troops to shoot them, then fleeing for sanctuary.

But even the traditional sanctuary for deposed Islamic thug kings – Saudi Arabia – is sitting nervously on a ticking time bomb.  The Royal Saudi family may soon need sanctuary themselves.

Many of the youth taking to the streets are just looking to overthrow the 20th Century dictators who have been running their countries all their lives.  Most are not looking to create a 21st Century world-wide Islamic Caliphate.  But they are very useful idiots – very useful cannon fodder – in this first step.

In the exact same mode,  America’s young progressives – the Obama followers – are the useful idiots for the Soros-Obama world socialism movement.

In 1979, tape cassettes were the means the fundamentalists used to spread ‘the message’ of the Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran, resulting [with Jimmy Carter’s backstabbing] in the Shah being overthrown.  Today the video-enabled cell phone, U-Tube, color TV, and the internet are spreading the revolution.  Traditional censorship of the press, radio and state-run TV has been bypassed.

And the Imams have grown bolder too.  The ‘word’ is being spread in the Mosques across the landscape.  Friday prayers are often followed by fiery sermons, then mass demonstrations in the streets; – demonstrations calculated to draw overreaction from government forces, gunfire, and a fresh pile of young “Martyrs”.  There is no more useful idiot than a bullet-riddled martyr.

Always in the shadows – the Muslim Brotherhood.  Trained, cunning, politically schooled, dedicated to a single cause, – they await that moment of post-overthrow chaos when they emerge as ‘the voice of the people’ and demand a seat at the table.

When Pakistan is overthrown, they’ll be demanding the keys to the Atomic Bombs and the missile codes.  They’ll likely GET THEM!

In 1979, Jimmy Carter – one of the stupidest men ever elected to any office – was caught flatfooted when the fundamentalist Shiites swept over Iran – then our strongest ally in the region.

It’s far different today.  Obama isn’t stupid, – he is secretly on their side.  Scholars, media pundits, talk show hosts and political hacks – and even bloggers – can speculate about where Obama was born, about what religion he follows, and if he is a Democrat, a Centrist, or a Socialist.  Just look at his words, his actions, and sometimes very tellingly – at his inactions.

Obama sees a world-wide Islamic revolution as a step towards world-wide socialism.

Because he fundamentally hates our free-market capitalist economy and society, anything which disrupts it – such as a tripling of fuel prices – he will welcome.  Of course he will have a ‘government solution’ which will involve restrictions, taxes, and more borrowed Chinese money.

If Islamists want to build a mosque on Ground Zero – or across from the White House and the Pentagon, – he’ll be for that too.  Radical clerics preaching anti-American violence?  “Protected free speech!”

Bin Laden sees Obama as a useful idiot in helping him create a 21st Century caliphate.

Because he fundamentally hates the Saudi royal family, the entire Western World, and the US and Britain, bin Laden looks upon our weak, foolish, world-socialism preoccupied narcissist as a gift from Allah.

In 2001 he could not have dreamed that we would elect such an anti-American / pro-Muslim inept fool as our president.

[Historical note:  in the final years of WWII, Hitler was screwing up so badly and so often that all allied plans to assassinate him were shelved.  He was doing us more good alive, in place and screwing up.]

Which man do you think is smarter, and has the better plan?


Islamic World Scoreboard:

Morocco:  Thousands protest King Mohammed VI [despite his attempts at reform]

Algeria:  Police breaking up crowds of protesters by force

Tunisia: 35-year dictator President Ben Ali deposed

Libya:  Colonel Gaddafi orders army to fire on protesters, 200+ killed.  UPDATE Monday Feb 21st, Gaddaffi orders two air force colonels to bomb the crowd.  They fly instead to Malta asking sanctuary.  Gaddafi now in hiding.

Egypt:  Nasser’s government overthrown

Jordan:  Mobs demand ouster of royal family

Syria:  Hundreds block traffic in Damascus home of the most iron-fisted dictator in the Middle East.

Lebanon:  Hezbollah [Iranian allied terrorist group] firmly controls southern half of country.

Iraq:  Still a tribal powder keg waiting for the US Military to depart.

Iran:  Last year the crowds were protesting a faked re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  Protesters were shot in the streets.  Now they’re back – demanding ‘death to the Mullahs”.  They’ve come to know their real oppressors.

Saudi Arabia:  King Abdullah is 87, and sick.  He just spent 3 months in NYC for treatment [so much for government medical programs] and his kingdom of Wahhabi Sunnis is surrounded by people and nations who are jealous of their wealth and who despise their decades-long dominance over the area, and over the holy cities.  To bin Laden, the royal family is his real prize.

Yemen:  bin Laden’s birthplace.  Pitched street battles follow weeks of protests to overthrow 32-year President Ali Abdullah Saleh

Oman:  so far just peaceful protests calling for lower prices and better pay.

UAE:  Giant military hardware exhibit [IDEX 2011: 1,000 vendors / 50,000 visitors] opens in Abu Dhabi amid regional uprisings and tensions.

Qatar:  quiet so far . . .

Bahrain:  Troops fire on Shiite protesters, 100+ killed – in the home port of the US 5th Fleet.

Sudan:  heavy fighting continues between Sudanese army and Darfur rebels.  The Darfur area has oil that the Chinese want, and they’ve been arming the Sudanese.  It’s cheaper than paying market prices.  Chinese fingerprints are all over the 10-year bloodshed.

Eritrea:  62% Christian and fresh from 30+ years of war with Ethiopia and Somalia, and under a ‘provisional government’ so far not a hotbed of Islamic fundamentalism.

Djibouti:   Since independence from France [1977] one-family has ruled.  Now President Ismael Omar Guelleh has amended the constitution – allowing him to seek two more 6-year terms.  Guess what – thousands in the streets before evening prayers demanding he step down.  Elections in April.  Think they’ll be peaceful?  BTW, we have a naval base there.

Ethiopia:  Government already cracking down on potential protesters.  Biggest concern is a Chinese funded dam – Gibi III – in the Omo Valley – likely to displace 500,000 farmers.  The Three Gorges in miniature . . .

Somalia:  Not so much a country as a collection of warlords – mostly Islamic.  Scene of “Blackhawk Down” in ’93 – and one-time hiding place of bin Laden.  Currently piracy in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean is a major business.

Kenya:  Elections held in 2008 were violent, 1,500+ killed.  Obama campaigned for Raila Odinga [a total thug and fellow Lau tribesman] who is pro-Sharia law.  Opposition stifled for now.  Odinga has just issued a national arrest warrant for homosexuals.

[If you want to broaden you understanding of world events and history – look up the slave trade from East Africa to South Asia.  It went on for thousands of years, was far more brutal and horrific than the West Africa slave trade to the New World, and it’s not taught in American schools.]

Pakistan:  The government controls less than half the country – but they have 100 Atomic Bombs.  The national mood is decidedly anti-American and pro-Taliban.  If this government falls, look for India, China and the US to co-operate in a venture to secure the nukes.


In any and all of these various troubled countries, the protesters in the streets are a mixed bag of political and religious ideology.  There are small “d” democrats, trade unionists, socialists, communists, anarchists, thugs, thieves, and Islamic fascists – just like the crowds this week in Madison, Wisconsin.

The real issue in each case is which group is ready to seize power in the post-overthrow power vacuum.

Remember in our own country, having just defeated King George III, some were ready to name George Washington – ‘King’.  It is a universal human phenomenon – the need for a ‘king’.  We name homecoming kings and queens, beauty queens, rock-and-roll kings, NASCAR kings and late-nite TV kings.

Thus the urge across the Islamic world for their own kind of ‘King” – a Caliph – strikes a universal human chord.  It fulfills a basic human need to raise up one ‘just, wise, and powerful man‘ to lead, and to thereby absolve the masses of involvement and decision-making.

It is the easy way out of the DUTY of citizenship.  Surrender your freedom and your RESPONSIBILITY for the easy way of simply being a ‘subject of the king’.  If you can sell it to the masses as ‘God’s will’ – so much the easier.  The danger is real, and will always be with us.

It is the inner need of the under-educated and the brainwashed for a ‘god-king’ which caused so many to see Obama as ‘the new Messiah’ – and caused a chill to run up Chris Matthews’ leg.  Chris was needing a king, and he probably still does.

Sorry for this long essay Dear Readers, – but some ‘stuff’ just doesn’t easily condense.

This fine Sunday your world is churning and burning, your pResident hates your country, and in Wisconsin union teachers and their pals are clearly demonstrating a level of selfishness and ‘all-about me’ which should scare and sicken you.

The America you’ve known is bankrupt, run by domestic enemies, under assault from hordes of illegal migrants, and being targeted by Islamists with nukes.

Not exactly conducive to a warm fuzzy feeling, is it?

/s/  Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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  1. Perplexed Senior

    Absolutely outstanding synopsis of the chaos being perpetuated throughout, South West Asia, the Middle East and North Africa by the disciples of Bin Laden, the stealth Muslim Brotherhood and their socialist cohorts. The economic implications will be devastating, the military implications and the resultant electronic counter-counter measure modifications for missiles and aircraft will be the likes of which we have not seen since the fall of the Shah in 1979. Where is the media and the administration? Asleep at the switch as usual.