Billionaire Bully Bloomberg Targets Trump

Posted February 13th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Michael Bloomberg practically epitomizes the term arrogant know-it-all hypocrite.  At just 5′ 8”  – it might be a case of short man syndrome.

When he was mayor of NYC, he fled the city each weekend and flew on his private jet to Bermuda with his girlfriend Diana Taylor.

Is Diana Taylor Michael’s idea of our next First Lady…?

Even back in 2012 Bloomberg’s faulty judgment had him endorsing Hillary – because of his personal hatred of Trump.

Aw, somebody pulled that tape.

Here’s one of Little Michael at the 2016 DNC:

If Bloomberg actually runs in 2020 – he will be 78 years old.

Michael,…any hookers or Russians in your past…?

Michael, did you ever CONSPIRE or COLLUDE with tax cheats or traitors…?

Michael Bloomberg is LIVING PROOF that even an enormous fortune cannot buy you the image of a Patriotic American.


At RRB,  we sincerely hope we helped Michael with his career decision….


November 2019

But then came the Democrats in Congress,  trying to save Biden’s corrupt ass with a tall tale of Trump “withholding aid to Ukraine unless they relaunched their Biden investigations from 2015…”

In trying to SAVE Biden,  Adam Schiff fully scuttled him,  – as the news was FULL of BIDEN * Ukraine * Hunter Biden * and the Biden tape – for two weeks – – even as Biden himself was stumbling all over himself on the campaign trail,…

.and DNA testing proved that Hunter had fathered a “love child” with an Arkansas woman – even as he was dating his widowed Sister-in-Law (ickey)…

Biden looked so inept that even Deval Patrick jumped in…

Frustrated with Biden’s ineptness,  and worried about Sanders and the Squaw talking about FREE EVERYTHING by SUPER-TAXING BILLIONAIRES,…

…Little Michael just purchased $35 Million of TV ad time….

He IS running…


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  1. Kojack

    What a REPREHENSIBLE NY lib-TURD. NRA members are very familiar with this rich RiNO scum-bag as an enemy of freedom.