Bill Whittle On The Lynching

Posted July 20th, 2013 by Iron Mike

I didn’t want to beat this drum much more,…but Bill adds some solid evidence of drug use Lean  here that may have escaped many of you.  You sure didn’t read about Lean in the Boston papers…

It seems clear now that Obama, Holder & Cartel will railroad Zimmerman with a drummed-up Civil Rights case – just to keep the racial pot boiling over the summer and into the Mid-Terms.

3 Responses to “Bill Whittle On The Lynching”

  1. Tom

    Do you think that Sharpton, Jackson. Holder and Obama would ever take the time to watch this video? Of course not, they would much rather fan the flames of race hatred to serve their own selfish purposes. Let’s hope the majority of the black community will go about their lives and not take their direction.

  2. Casey Chapman

    Yet another distraction from the dear leader’s team.

  3. MC

    I wonder how much of our tax payers dollars the pResident will have to allocate to ACORN and friends to help calm the radical tide that he instigated.