Bill Weld’s Non-Surprise Endorsement

Posted April 22nd, 2013 by Iron Mike

What? You thought he’d endorse a REAL Republican?
William RiNO Weld

Over these past 25 years, how many Mass Voters has Bill Weld fooled into believing that he is a ‘Moderate Republican’A whole LOT!

Even back in ’97, when he deserted his post as our Governor in his failed bid to be Bill Clinton’s Ambassador to Mexico.  God Bless the Soul of Jessie Helms for stopping that one!

Jessie understood Weld – knew he’d be ultra-soft on Mexican immigration…

So Weld moved to NY City – resumed a law/consulting practice,…toyed with running for Governor over there [he wanted to make 2-state history], and in 2008 he endorsed Socialist Obama over Progressive McCain.  By then EVERYBODY should have seen through the man – he’s a self-serving left-wing wannabe.  

So are you at all surprised – when today he announces he’s endorsing that other ardent Obama fan – Gabriel ‘I’m a SEAL’ Gomez?   Weld sure can pick ’em! 

WATCH his 2008 Obama love-fest with Chris Matthews:

Can you just imagine his inner torment  deciding between Markey and Gomez?

7 Responses to “Bill Weld’s Non-Surprise Endorsement”

  1. Jim Buba

    Better hurry! Maduro is out of cash in Caracas.

  2. Tom

    Should Gomez not win the primary, he will endorse Markey.

  3. Casey Chapman

    I’m in the ABG side of Massachusetts. The Anybody But Gomez. Gomez is a RINO and a D.I.D.

  4. Leo The Lion

    It is hardly surprising that Bill Weld, a charming dilettante, should display this sort of infatuation for a former Navy Seal of Hispanic ancestry. Like many of his generation and class who shirked military service during Vietnam and whose upbringing never brought them into regular contact with members of the servant class, (except, of course, when those servants were performing as the servant class), Weld considers positively irresistible the idea of a Republican candidate who actually served his country and whose last name ends in a vowel (or, in this case, an exotic “z”).
    But it is slightly surprising is that Weld, who occasionally champions ideas, should fall for a candidate who is, even as politicians go (how to say it kindly?), so metaphysically challenged. I have listened carefully to a number of recent interviews with Gomez and, upon my word, I have not heard such a collection of meaningless clichés issue from a politician’s mouth since LBJ last addressed the United Nations. (Although Kerry as Secretary of State shows early promise of soaring above even those lofty heights of banality.)
    This is no longer a Republican Party of who you are. It is a party of ideas, of what you believe in, and what you are willing to fight for. If one seeks a United States Senator embroidered by politically correct ethnic markers, I suggest that we have such a person in Professor Pocahontas of Cambridge.

  5. Sam Adams

    This is what’s left of the “Republican influence”. This is a cancer that needs to be cut out. There’s just no other way to cure this.
    Time to get serious and chuck it along with the infected RINO Party apparatus.
    Start a new party with genuine conservatives and get on with it.
    There’s no more time to waste on these cretins.

  6. Hawk1776

    None of the Republican candidates represent my opinions, and all three could be categorized as RINOs. However, a real conservative doesn’t stand a chance of winning in Massachusetts. I will probably vote for Gomez as I think he’s the only one with a chance to beat Markey (whom I assume will win the Democratic nomination). I think all three Republican candidates are will do less damage than Markey.


    Have you MET THEM Bob…?

    I have to disagree with your analysis. Gomes is a Democrat, – he’s faking being a Republican – he supported Obama and sucked up to Deval Patrick. If elected he’ll vote the way Harry Reid tells him to…. Just like Senator Squaw…

  7. Hawk1776

    A lot of people supported Obama in 2008 and later regretted it. If Gomez votes Republican 50% of the time, that’s a lot better than Markey voting Democratic 100% of the time. I think Gomez has the best chance to win out of the Republican candidates. but I think the Democrats will win in a walk. They could run Ted Kennedy from his grave and Massachusetts would vote for him.