Bill Weld: A Back-Stabbing RiNO Rebuked!

Posted December 11th, 2014 by Iron Mike

The MassGOP – in a RARE show of backbone – voted last night to rebuke back-stabbing RiNO traitor Bill Weld for his several recent, conspicuous, and damaging endorsements of Democrats in the recent mid-term election.
Steve Aylward reads the censure motion

This was the ONLY piece of business conducted – beyond the hollow series of self-congratulations to Loddi, Doddy, and Everybody for theirhard work and great effort – which resulted in the election of a pro-abortion RiNO governor and his arm-candy LtGov; – and kept ALL NINE of our congressional seats occupied by Democrats.

It was one of the most tedious and painful meetings I’ve EVER sat through – and there was just this ONE item on the agenda….

10 Dec MassGOP meeting - late

But Kirsten Hughes – now at least 13 months pregnant – demonstrated again her remarkable inability to conduct a simple parliamentary meeting.  And this time Momma Kangas didn’t jump up and bail her out. What ‘law school’ graduated this Mouseketeer…?

10 Dec 14 MassGOP congrats for losing effort

Bill Weld's FrinedsThere were two amendments offered by Weld sycophants – to soften the language and ‘spread the blame to all’.

Weld still has followers at the RiNO watering hole, conspicuous among them were Attorney Ed MaGrath [Framingham], Brock Corderio [Dartmouth] and Vice Chair Momma Kangas [Boxborough].

Sterling in their support of the censure motion were Steve Aylward [Watertown], Attorney William Gillmeister [Brookfield], and Mark Bergeron [West Springfield] – who all stood strong for the simple principle that Republican Party Officials MUST NOT endorse Democrats – particularly when there is a valid Republican in the race.

But a LOT of the remaining RiNOs in the room have been guilty, – and the censure motion was suddenly coming close to home – even if the only two named were Weld and Brian Cresta.

Bill Weld and Brian Cresta

Slowly, painfully, tortuously the Mouseketeer fumbled her way through a series of parliamentary motions,  points of information,  hand votes, and roll call votes until one amendment [to remove names] was defeated and another [striking directions to Bruce Tarr to remove Cresta from a leadership position on the Senate PAC] was approved.

Barbara Bush abstainedAt long last the roll call vote was taken – and to my utter amazement – IT PASSED!

One pathetic committeewoman – Barbara Bush [Charlestown] was so distraught and perhaps confused she abstained – as did several others.  These committee critters are utterly worthless – ceremonial – and not even decorative.

Their local districts should elect better and smarter Republicans come March 2016

Weld and Cresta have been censuredrebukedwrist-slappedEVEN by a MassGOP so infested with RiNOs that in some years it was a functioning entity of the Massachusetts Democratic Party.

IMHO, the language SHOULD have read:

Bill Weld – you are a self-serving back-stabbing scumbag – who first sold out to Bill Clinton, – then to Barack Obama,

– and we fully expect you to sell out to Hillary or Senator Squaw – or even to BOTH!

YOU are the turd in our punchbowl!

This was a truly historic night for the MassGOP. Perhaps more committee critters will find their backbones and their gonads, – and maybe even their Republican souls. 2016 will surely tell.

If it doesn’t happen – if we can’t elect more REAL Republicans – come 2022 Massachusetts will be down to just 8 seats in Congress…

EVERYBODY TAKE NOTE – at who DIDN’T SHOW UP LAST NIGHT…. Yeah, Governor-elect Charlie Baker and his arm-candy. Where were you Charlie?

4 Responses to “Bill Weld: A Back-Stabbing RiNO Rebuked!”

  1. Rob Cappucci

    I voted against this measure last night. I did not agree with it because it didn’t go far enough. Former Governor Weld should have been stripped of his Lincoln/Reagan Award and his Ex-Officio “honorary” status as a member of the State Party. Furthermore, he should have been fully censured by the party and a decree should have been approved to never have him speak in any capacity at future State Party events such as the State Convention. What was passed last night was not even a paper tiger. It was a paper kitty cat. This would have sent a message to all popular Republicans, such as Richard Tisei who boycotted the state convention and that message is our party has a platform and we run candidates on that platform to offer real public service based on our values, beliefs and principles. This paper kitty cat will not send that message and Iron Mike is exactly correct that Weld will most probably endorse Hillary or Warren especially if we get a miracle of nominating a true conservative for President in 2016. EACH member of the State Committee should have argued for what I am saying. When we go out and ask for donations, or candidates in upcoming special elections, what is to stop the people we ask from saying, “Why should I give my money, or waste my time in a lengthy campaign of sacrifice from my family and friends if in the crucial hour people like Weld will come out and endorse our opposition?” Ask Caroline Colarusso.

  2. Lonnie Brennan

    Well, you should have still voted for it, because it was the ONLY rebuke offered. It might have gotten watered down, but it was a start.

    WELD endorsed a Democrat and Caroline Colarusso LOST by 1%.
    CRESTA endorsed a LIBERAL WHACKJOB MOONBAT DEMOCRAT and Tom Lyons lost by 2%.

    With Democrat enablers such as Weld and Cresta as “party leaders”, Democrats have nothing to worry about. These jokers helped 81% of the new Republican House candidates (such as Lyons and Colarusso) to LOSE this cycle.

    BIG congrats once again to Aylward and Gilmeister.
    Brock: very disappointing….

  3. John DiMascio

    Not only did it pass Mike… but it passed 35 to 18….if you count Cappucci who supported a stronger censure it would have been 36 to 18… That’s a two thirds vote guy.

    Granted, the thing got watered down. You know that was going to happen. But frankly while I wanted stronger languages sans your references to scatological material in in punch bowl…. In someways it’s better to bigger vote to voice disapproval. A message was clearly sent here.

    And that goes to show you what can be accomplished with guys like Aylward at the helm using a velvet glove to cover the brass knuckles. There is something to be said for something you and I both lack Iron Mike…. that would be tact… LOL

    Great job as usual Steve… kudos to Billy Gilmeister as well and all the folks who did the right thing….. See isn’t it a liberating experience to act like a Republican?

  4. Jim Gettens

    Weld just registered as a Massachusetts lobbyist. He’s a whore of questionable ‘sobriety.’

    Brock Cordeiro is lower than a RINO. He’s an EEL who should be swimming with the Democrats. He talks out of both sides of his ample ass on virtually every ‘controversial’ issue, –controversial to the Massachusetts RINO Herd, that is. And he may have ‘Log Cabin Republican’ orientation like Tisei…