Bill de Blasio’s Indispensable Lesbians

Posted August 13th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Because in a port city of 8,400,000 – there was NOBODY ELSE qualified?
de Blasio  Emma  Stephanie
Ms. Emma Wolfe – pictured above in the grey Hillary man-suit has been a long-time and loyal aide to Bill de Blasio. And Emma has a long-time ‘partner’ – Stephanie Yazgi.

So, – because the city was in such desperate need of help with immigrants, Bill created a high-paying job – a “Campaign Director” in the city’s Office of Immigrant Affairs….and he hired Stephanie… 

It pays $150K per year….[plus ObamaCare]….

Why is this news?   Aren’t nepotism and patronage considered the traditional political ‘spoils of war’? Isn’t this why people elect Democrats, – so their loved ones get cushy no-sweat city jobs?

de Blasio admires Emma Wolfe

Seems in his haste to keep the girls happy, – Bill forgot to advertise the job…. Oops!

But they DID CHECK with the Conflicts of Interest Board… Great!

Stephanie’s biggest qualification may be her years of anti-Walmart activism, keeping that evil empire out of her evil empire. She calls herself a ‘Community Organizer’.  Hmmm, where have we heard that before?

Emma Baritone

Hey Yer Honor,…if they ask you,…will you bake a wedding cake?

2 Responses to “Bill de Blasio’s Indispensable Lesbians”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Diversity is so important to DiBlasio, like Obama he makes his own laws, takes care of his friends, has no respect for the law and the people of New York City. The City has fallen to what it was before the Gulliai era, who cleaned it up, back to the sewer it once was.

  2. Sonnys Mom

    Mark Levin always calls this guy “DiCommio”… always brings a smile to my face.