Bill de Blasio Heckled At Trump Tower

Posted May 13th, 2019 by Iron Mike

The smart-ass communist thought he’d be clever by attacking Trump in the public lobby of his own building.

Somehow Republican Trump Supporters were on hand to “greet” him,…and he ended up looking like a guy who can’t plan an event. 2-min video:

All-in-all, de Blasio has had a rough couple of days.

3 Responses to “Bill de Blasio Heckled At Trump Tower”

  1. Mt Woman

    Oh yeah, he loved the Trump supporters chanting behind and over him– just what every candidate wants! He talks of bullying–I would say that he’s the bully. He and his ilk think nothing of shoving the progressive Democrat agenda down the throats of honest tax paying people, robbing us of our hard-earned money to hand it over to those who don’t want to work, achieve or care.

  2. Ben

    He should take care of his city before he ruins a country. The dems. running for president really think so highly of themselves is pathetic. They have no agenda except wanting to be kings.

  3. Blossom Stiefel

    This arrogant, pompous, communist DeBlasio is ruining New York. It is good for him to see that the people are on to him, and the damage that he is doing for N.Y. He needs to Go Away!!!!