Bill Clinton Threatens Bernie Babes…

Posted June 6th, 2016 by Iron Mike

They’re TOAST for Election Day…so have a good time…”
Bill Clinton They're TOAST
This is a preview of what a Hillary presidency will be like – threats, bullying, and intimidation and revenge upon political and personal ‘enemies’….Short video clip below the fold:

This kind of behavior from Bill – on the campaign stump – THE VERY SAME DAY that Gary Byrne’s book detailing their horrific behavior in the White House came out,…should be enough to awaken even the most die-hard Hillary supporter…

Of course they’ll dismiss it, – if they ever even learn about it…

But you folks should be alerted, – even if you’re too young to remember the 90s…

This is EXACTLY how the Clintons conduct their public lives and their private lives;  – you play ball – do so joyfully – or get rolled over, – or worse,…laid out over a cannon in Marcy Park.

Vince Foster 20 July 93

Go ahead:   Google  “Arkancide”…..

NOTE for Stupid Democrats:   Try to recall any new ideas Hillary has offered for restoring JOBS to the USA,  – for crushing ISIS,  – for improving medical care in the VA system,  – or for rooting out corruption and waste in our federal government….

…can’t remember anything…?

That’s BECAUSE she hasn’t said a frikkin’ WORD about any of those things!   Her only issue – her ONLY reason for being in the race is “I’m a woman”….

…and you’re expected to believe that Benghazi wasn’t her fault,…?

Because she’s a woman…?

What difference

One Response to “Bill Clinton Threatens Bernie Babes…”

  1. Panther 6

    Mike; They are so corrupt they stink like week old corpses. If that picture of the leg and hand is truly of Vince Foster it raises a real red flag in my midget military mind. I believe I am looking at his THUMB resting on the trigger? I have trouble visualizing shooting my self using my thumb vice my trigger finger, “Jus sayin”