Bill Clinton Is Sweating Today!

Posted July 8th, 2019 by Iron Mike

The Poontang President will be sweating today, – and for some weeks to come.  His old Party Pal Jeff Epstein is due in court today for arraignment.

With Epstein in cuffs, – and securely locked away, new witnesses may come pouring out of the woodwork.  All the bad stuff that those 2016 Hillary fans totally IGNORED is going to come out.

WHAT did Bill tell Hillary about his 26 trips out of the country?

For three decades the MEDIA has covered for the Clintons,  – buying into Hillary’s excuse of a “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy”….

But as news outlets are shrinking in this digital age,  the one thing that will sell ink is a sex scandal involving the rich and famous. Even millennials who never heard of Orgy Island and Jeff Epstein – or the Lolita Express…have heard of Bill and Hillary.

The left-wing media will have to cover this saga – just to survive. 

Think of it as the new OJ Trial….

The BEST JOKE of all…?

24+ DemoCRAP / Socialist presidential wannabees are now going to have to compete for air time and media coverage with a Bill Clinton Sex Scandal!   Ugh!

5 Responses to “Bill Clinton Is Sweating Today!”

  1. Michael W Dane

    “Nothing to see here folks, move along, move along”, is what we will get from the MSM, eyes wide shut.

  2. panther 6

    Maybe, just maybe Billy Boy will be dragged into this one. I am sort of sure he was involved maybe just a little. Maybe not this time but in the past. MSM will ignore it if they can.


    26 times on the Lolita Express Sir. 26 times!

  3. FLICK

    All those wasted memes of Bill visiting Hillary in prison could use some editing. Or maybe they could share a cell?

  4. Kojack

    “Or maybe they could share a cell?”

    FLICK – That would be bubba’s worst nightmare!

  5. FLICK

    Kojack. My thought also. Might be worth hard time to get away from the shrew!