Big Tango Yankee Leominster Patriots!

Posted July 21st, 2018 by Iron Mike

Had a great time at the Jungle Road Standout this morning in Leominster.  From the reaction of the folks driving by,  – Charlie Faker has good reason to be worried.

Compared with this time in 2016 – the DemoCraps are 10 x times more surly and bitter.   Most wouldn’t even look at us!

My thanks to all the Patriots who came out and got a good July sunburn.  It is good to be seen amongst Proud American Conservatives!

The Primary is Tuesday,  September 4th

You must be REGISTERED to VOTE:   NLT Wed,  Aug 15th at 5 PM – go in person to your Town / City Hall.

To vote for Scott Lively (to dump Charlie Faker) you must REGISTER as either Republican – or as “Unenrolled” (No Political Party).

Get Registered – then Vote on Sept 4th!

Ask yourself:   WHAT has Charlie Faker done to bring manufacturing jobs back to Massachusetts?  He’s had 3½ years…..

WHY is being so obvious an anti-Trumper so important to HIM,  – when it hurts our state?

6 Responses to “Big Tango Yankee Leominster Patriots!”

  1. Kojack

    This is encouraging news here in MASS-HOLE-A-CHUSETTS! Great for moral if nothing else.

    It’s going come down to 3 things:

    1.) Who the “Independents”(the spineless, uncommitted mushy middle who usually vote for DEMOCRAPS) turn out for.

    2.) What % of the GOP here are Republicans as opposed to RiNO’s.

    and most importantly

    3.) How many mischief making MASS-HOLES will cross-over from the DEMOCRAP party to vote for TALL DUVAL in the GOP primary to make sure a DEMOCRAP wins in the general gubernatorial election.

  2. Clinton ma Tea party

    The Ma Rinos in this state are trying hard to not let any news get out on Lively. But The people are waking up alot of massholes are pissed with liberal Charlie and the rest. Lively can pull this off. Just the Rino machine is very active to destroy Lively, but Mr Mr Kauffman is spending most of his time in Utah with Mitt for Senator so he and Baker can run against Trump in 2020. So folks keep praying and keep active. Iron Mike kudows. A Veteran’s work for our Republic is never done.

  3. SpartanRedneck

    People are so sick of Charlie Faker, he is like one of those creeps that you see in movies. Dr. Scott Lively is a light bearer that will show the rinos what we the people really feel about the corrupt anti-God, anti-American establishment. Scott is a major threat to the far left rinos, its been a LONG time coming, but let’s make Massachusetts great again!!!! (MMGA)

  4. Angry Carp

    It was nice meeting you yesterday, Mike. Let’s keep spreading the word. Also, don’t forget to remind your fellow patriots- They can now register to vote online- A big plus for those of us who work. Here’s the link:

  5. Kojack


  6. Angry Carp

    Also, don’t forget to vote for Jay McMahon for Attorney General. He’s 100% pro 2A and he’s facing off against Baker Bot Dan Shores.