BIG Fight Brewing In Carmel NY Schools

Posted June 4th, 2021 by Iron Mike

Carmel is a town of 35,000+ barely an hour north of NYC,   where the Hudson Highlands meet the Taconic Mountains.   It’ a rich town.  A fight has been smoldering there for months,  – as the liberal all-white school board has let their teacher’s union run amok with Critical Race Theory.   This mom is fighting back.

This 11 minute clip is worth your time.  Listen as these self-appointed “Justice Warriors” try to muzzle the Mom,  – telling her she cannot mention the NAMES of the guilty,  – that their RULES over-ride her God-Given Constitutionally Protected Rights.

In April the Board let the School hired a Diversity & Inclusion Officer,  – as if a school needs that.  They got a high-priced one.

Is it just me, – or does this upper-middle class school board look a little WHITE to be forcing Critical Race Theory crap on school children?

Is this Board more interested in passing the next budget than they are in LISTENING to the citizens and parents they are supposed to represent?

School Boards across our land have become self-appointed Social Justice and Racial Equality Squads,  – and they wield enormous POWER over your kids. 

They quickly get drunk on their own power,  – and Teacher UNIONS (Communists) have become adept at controlling them.

There was a time in our History when the application of Tar and Feathers to the ringleaders would quickly return common sense to the rest…. 

3 Responses to “BIG Fight Brewing In Carmel NY Schools”

  1. Jim Buba


    When the hired guns take over, there is nothing but silence

    Silence = Consent

    What ever happened to Parent Teacher AssociTion?

    Ah, Gone to Flowers Every One

  2. Ben

    Courageous and Intelligent ! We need more parents like her.

  3. Blossom Stiefel

    Wow, we need more parents like this woman to fight all of the garbage that is being taught in our schools. The citizens need to fight back, we can take care of many of the problems that are going on in our country. We have the power, we need to use it.

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