Big Big Trouble For Obama!

Posted October 15th, 2009 by Iron Mike

Hello Americans,

There is really big trouble brewing for Obama – and for all of us in South Asia right now.  Obama and his socialist goons don’t understand it, – mostly don’t give a rat’s ass, – and are trying to ignore it.   I’ll try to explain it here, and maybe somebody will shove this blog under his upturned nose.

The Taliban – egged on by al Qaeda – is very close to toppling the Pakistani government,  and with that move getting their hands on Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal.  If and when they do,  Katie bar the door!   So Pakistan needs outside help to fight the Taliban, – but with their historic inferiority complex they won’t ask for it,  – and might actually refuse it.  Better to be beheaded by a Taliban than take sides with Brits or Americans.  This was a key reason Musharraf lost popular support.

Worse,  just as here some “Americans” are cheering on Obama / Pelosi as they undermine our economy and turn us into a socialist society,  – there are many in Pakistan’s society,  their military, and their intelligence services who secretly side with the Taliban.  They will welcome a fundamentalist Islamist takeover.  From our perspective,  we can’t tell ’em apart by looking at ’em.

Taliban Attack

Taliban Attack

Terrorists guerrilla tactics are pretty much the same worldwide.   Fire up your most ardent and excitable young volunteers [in the Islamic world you can promise virgins for martyrs],  and target them at key military / government / industrial targets while simultaneously attacking seemingly random civilian gatherings.  The very random ruthlessness of these attacks upon civilians creates the terror.  Attacks on the military create an appearance of guerrilla cunning and military ineptitude.  Poorly motivated, trained and paid troops will desert in droves,  often joining you with their weapons.  This playbook has worked time and again throughout Africa, South America, the Middle Ease, and Asia.

Every terrorist group has unseen outside help.  I see Vladimir Putin’s fingerprints all over this situation,  – payback for our helping the Mujahideen kick the Red Army out of Afghanistan,  and the best way to keep US eyes and resources focused away from Russia. 

Obama couldn’t care less.  He’s about to collect his Nobel Peace Prize,  give another world-turning speech, and then complete the destruction of American Capitalism.  Like another world socialist seventy years ago, – he thinks he has a secret pact with Putin, and probably believes he can deal with him in a few years.  Here we see a chess game between two totally narcissist would-be despots.  Believe me, Putin is by far the stronger, wiser and more ruthless player.  He’s not trying to tear his country apart!

Back in ’75 when South Vietnam finally fell,  nothing much seemed to happen to us.  Our press failed to cover the murders of RVN officials by the NVA,  and later paid scant attention to the fall of Cambodia to the Khmer Rough.  The dominos fell, but nobody here cared.  Except the American psyche has remained scarred for 35 years!

Uighur Riots

Uighur Riots

But if Pakistan falls, all Hell will break loose.  It is one thing for India to put up with 60 years of border wars and nuclear standoffs with their Muslim neighbor.   But a suddenly fundamentalist Islamic neighbor?  Much different story.  And China has a dog in this fight too, and they’re having problems with their Muslim Uighurs.

So as Obama listens to our Village Idiot – Joe Biden for foreign affairs and military advice, – you should mentally brace yourself for a rocky road ahead.  Oh, did I mention Iran?  Have you looked at a map lately?

LESSON FOR DEMOCRATSYour anti-Bush Prize-winning MEssiah isn’t ready for any of this stuff.   Worse,  he doesn’t even care.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

One Response to “Big Big Trouble For Obama!”

  1. Reaganite Republican

    Putin’s bluffing, re Iranian nukes- he doesn’t want a nuclear ME any more than we do.

    But, Vlad’s wisely working the Boy Wonder like a poker player. He knows the Israelis will bomb Iran back to the Stone Age… so the Kremilin is just milking all sides for all they can get before leaving Tehran to fend for themselves-

    And he’ll be wringing Obama for plenty more concessions along the way… these KGB guys know a mark when they see one.

    God Help Us until 2012…