Biden’s Speechwriter Hates America!

Posted April 28th, 2021 by Iron Mike

For 107 minutes tonight Biden,  lied,  threatened,  scolded,  and pleaded,  – and never gave Trump credit for Warp Speed.

The masks on Kamala Kneepads and Evil Nancy saved the audience from seeing their scowls and smirks.  All three of them clearly hate working Americans.

Foreign leaders watching – both friends and foes,  – will not see a strong American leader.  He looks more like a blinking yellow caution light at a lonely country intersection – at 2 am.

Q:  Who is in CHARGE in America?

A: Two thoroughly corrupt women and a doddering old crook.

Somehow, sadly,…Biden must actually believe many of the lies he tells,  – like “ghost guns” and “people walking around with magazine that can hold 100 rounds”.

He totally ignored his own son Hunter’s drug addiction and buying a gun by falsifying the background check form.

In one of many moments of unpresidential sarcasm,  – he asked if there were deer wearing Kevlar vests


C A U T I O N !

Watch this video with a bucket handy!

Biden has just become the EXACT kind of vengeful tyrant our Founders feared would arise one day;  – which is why they gave us the 2nd Amendment!


2 Responses to “Biden’s Speechwriter Hates America!”

  1. Jim Buba

    Blinky addressed the Politburo



  2. Kojack

    I’m still amazed that Bernie Sanders and AOC can fit into the Biden suit at the same time.