Biden’s Rally In Philly: “Thousands”?

Posted May 18th, 2019 by Iron Mike

For a guy who’s had 11 years to plan this,  an outdoor rally – “attended by thousands”, seems a tad underwhelming….

There is a video,  but they were careful not to show the crowd.

At the moment, Biden is running 23 points ahead of Bernie…and he is the BEST the Democrats can find…?

UPDATE:   Sun 19 May 2019  As often happens,  within 24 hours somebody posts a photo which tells a better or fuller story.  Found this crowd shot on Twitter – clearly over one thousand, – but not “thousands”….

How many were SENT there by their public sector labor unions? 

5 Responses to “Biden’s Rally In Philly: “Thousands”?”

  1. Peter S

    Looks like a few hundred people. More than no one, but not “thousands”.

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    I dunno…. Can’t tell …. Take out the paid Lemmings in blue t-shirts and media, were there twelve other people there? Can’t tell…. No crowd pans….. More Democrap lies and propaganda?

    The Dems need to pay attention to Saturday’s national election in Australia. After almost two years of polls and media bullshit about the election of a lifetime to save the planet and get free stuff for the masses, the Conservatives were going to get slaughtered. Guess what! Wrong again. Even Australia (with mandatory voting, by the way…..) isn’t buying the climate change-wide open immigration-free stuff for all crap and told the Labor Party to “piss off” and gave the Conservatives the win and near-majority in Parliament…..a la Trump 2016…. They’ll make a deal with two of the six uncommitted Parliamentarians and start getting things done the Right way.

    The jig is up, Dems. “It’s Cryin’ Time Again” (Buck Owens)…..

    Democrats take notice. Around the world even, people with brains aren’t buying your nonsense…..

  3. panther 6

    Yes they seem to avoid any “Crowd” shots. The noise and applause volume does not sound like thousands to me. Hundreds yes, thousands me thinks not.

  4. Sonny's Mom

    Biden drew a thousand or so, while Trump draws tens of thousands…

  5. Vic

    mostly union goons all bused in together – it’s the democrat modus operandi