Biden’s Photo-Op War On Black Gang Crime

Posted July 13th, 2021 by Iron Mike

America’s Democrat-run inner cities are third-world war zones.  For 2 years Democrats have chanted in unison “Defund the Police / Re imagine the Police”.  George Soros prosecutors have let thugs out of jail with no bail.  What Trump was fixing is now laying on the sidewalks bleeding out.

Biden knows what needs to be done.  But he’s afraid.

To STOP the BLOODSHED,….Biden and the Democrats need to do two things utterly repugnant to them:


ADMIT:  that it has been 55 years of Democrat policies that have turned Black neighborhoods into drug-addicted shooting galleries.   ADMIT that “racist cops” aren’t the problem;  – Black street gangs fighting over drug turf is the root cause.

Biden and his Democraps (either color Democraps) can’t do that – for fear of being called “racists” and “Uncle Toms”,…or “sellouts”.

The look of disbelief on Bowser’s face tells us a great deal.   

Perhaps until that moment she thought a Democrat President would solve her problems,  – make the street murders stop,  – and get her re-elected.

She came expecting answers,  and a plan that would work.

She listened to a mental patient drone on with the same shop-worn sound-bites he’s used for 50 years. 


And he’s run out of white people to blame.

There is nothing he can say this summer that will keep seasoned cops on the big city police forces – where their budgets have been cut, – where their value to their cities has been pilloried, – and where local prosecutors won’t even keep thugs in jail until their trials.

All Joe can do is spout slogans about racism,  and guns.

Slogans won’t stop the turf wars on the streets of East DC,  Memphis,  NYC, o r Chicago’s South Side.

Martial Law,  the return of the Death penalty,  and the removal (impeachment) of squishy judges and prosecutors would be a start.

A president with a brain,  a soul,  and some balls would also be a start.

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  1. Jim Buba

    “Birds of a Feather…”

    A wonderful photo of America’s Top Racists

    Quite at home, is he not?