Biden’s Lie-Of-The-Day: “I Saved Lives!”

Posted August 31st, 2021 by Iron Mike


Calls the airlift an extraordinary success….

CAUTION:  If you’re an American patriot – this video is nothing short of pukeworthy!

5 Responses to “Biden’s Lie-Of-The-Day: “I Saved Lives!””

  1. Walter Knight

    Joe, what time is it?

  2. Kojack

    You can see the MORONS who beleive it, they ride alone in their vehicles with masks on.

  3. Jim Buba

    MacArthur was Right
    Thirteen years of Bullshit, “saving us from the FED”, did no good

    …unless you think no less than 13 wars was worth it.

    For the record, there is nothing Democratic about the democrat party.

  4. Varvara

    Don’t ask me what I think about this debacle; the computer would blow up.

  5. Blossom Stiefel

    In 8 months, Biden has brought America to its knees, and made us the laughing stock of the world. We had 13 of our precious service members killed in Afghanistan. Our enemies are holding our citizens hostage with our own weaponry and Biden and his military leaders are worried about CRT and climate change in the military.

    This is a catastrophe, this administration must go and fast!