Biden vs Bernie vs Coronavirus

Posted March 15th, 2020 by Iron Mike

It was more like an argument between two aging fools than a real political debate, – and it was hard to listen to.  CNN couldn’t find enough sponsors,  – so in the allotted commercial time slots they ran a frying pan ad,  – and their own international weather report.

Biden promised a woman VP;  Sanders ~ almost ~ did.   Biden’s solution to overworked hospitals was to activate Army hospitals to set up surge wards.  He’s so ignorant he doesn’t know those Army Reservists all work in the existing civilian hospitals.  Bernie’s standard response was “Free healthcare for everybody – including illegals”.

3 Responses to “Biden vs Bernie vs Coronavirus”

  1. Iron Mike

    Worth noting Folks, – is that when CNN couldn’t sell commercials to cover the debate, – they DID NOT switch back to the debate for extended questioning….

    …they are part of the PLAN to LIMIT BIDEN’S EXPOSURE TIME, – so they wasted air time broadcasting the weather from all the world capitals.

  2. Kojack

    Along with the COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK, the debate co-sponsored and co-moderated by UNIVISION to speak for UNDOCUMENTED DUMMYCRAPS.

  3. panther 6

    The demorats are truly becoming an embarrassment. I only fear that the Corona Virus outbreak may yet derail the Trump Train somehow and one of these two blithering idiots gets elected. Whoever Biden selects as his VP I wonder if she won’t be our first female President? I am truly suspect of his health, both mental and physical.