Biden To Patriot: “You’re Full Of SHIT!”

Posted March 10th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Even as the Michigan Presidential Primary was taking place across the state,  Biden was confronted by construction workers at an under-construction Fiat-Chrysler in Detroit,  – when the real Joe emerged:

90 second clip of Bumbling Biden below the fold: 

“I support the Second Amendment.  The Second Amendment — just like right now,  if you yelled ‘fire,’ that’s not free speech,” Biden continued.  “And from the very beginning — I have a shotgun,  I have a 20-gauge, a 12-gauge . My sons hunt.  Guess what?  You’re not allowed to own any weapon.  I’m not taking your gun away at all.”

Among his gaffs… AR-14,…my sons hunt (his older boy died of cancer),…confusing or obfuscating fowling pieces (shotguns) with rifles.

Joe has always been corrupt.  But decades ago he began to show signs of brain damage,  and lately it’s gotten a lot worse.

So how desperate are rich democrats to keep Bernie’s Commie Hands off their accumulated treasure, – that they’d rather run and elect the dementia patient in the hopes that he could be nursemaided and controlled for 4 years…?

You are watching the final acts of the 192 year old slave-owning Democrat Party.

The union construction worker – Jerry Wayne – was interviewed on Fox:

Jerry seems like a thoughtful, articulate, polite fellow.  Did Biden just  assume that the hard hat meant he was an ignorant dropout…who could be bullied? 

2 Responses to “Biden To Patriot: “You’re Full Of SHIT!””

  1. Jim Buba

    I can’t wait for Sleepy to claim to own a Corona-19 just to prove he is Pro 2nd Amendment.

  2. Sherox

    Prediction: this is all for show for a brokered convention where Hillary will be anointed for POTUS & Moochelle for VPOTUS.