BIDEN: “…Then You Ain’t BLACK!”

Posted May 22nd, 2020 by Iron Mike

There it was!   All the PROOF that any thinking American voter will ever need,  – that deep inside him (actually, not very deep) Joe Biden is an unreconstructed racist,  –  and at age 77 he won’t change by Election Day.
Joe has lived in a world apart,  where he was served by Black waiters, and his needs attended to by Black doormen and Black bellboys.  As a Senator and Vice President,  he assured his party of Black Votes with welfare handouts,  EBT Cards,  and Obamaphones.  Racist to his core, – he can’t see Blacks as individuals. VIDEO:

The interviewer this morning was Lenard Larry McKelvey (stage name “Charlamagne tha God”),  – who has his own racist agenda and a set of promises he wants from Biden.

But he’s done us a favor,  – he got Biden in a time bind at the end of the interview, – and Biden lost his cool – the REAL BIDEN came raging out for America to see.

If you don’t want to watch the whole interview,  move the slider to 16:40, and listen…

Here is Biden in Danville, Virginia on Tuesday, 14 August 2012 – 8 years ago,   – during Obama’s reelection campaign.  Listen as Biden tells the audience that “Romney will put them back in chains”….

This is the way Democrats have been scaring Blacks since the turn of the 20th Century – 120 years ago,  – (when they ~ mostly ~ stopped lynching them)…

Democrats have been buying Black Votes for longer than Biden has been alive.   It’s Chapter One of their playbook.

At RRB we want ALL voters to learn History,  study the ISSUES,  understand that poor decisions by Elected Leaders always hurt the poor the most,…and that “Free Government Money” isn’t really free.

Think of the worst things that could happen to us,  – like a war with China or the Yellowstone super-volcano erupting, – – and figure out who you want in charge,  – who won’t be thinking about the next election or their political career in those dark days.

2 Responses to “BIDEN: “…Then You Ain’t BLACK!””

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    We must move past COVID-19 soon and get this moron out of his bunker to face the nation, where his writers won’t be able to cover him and he’ll step all over his dick with golf shoes.

    I find incredible the Democrap fawning and double standard in defense of this creep. Unlike a Democrap, I won’t excuse the dishonesty, lechery and stupidity he’s been practicing for almost 50 years. But now he’s old (sort of like me…..) and he’s teetering on senility, and they have an excuse for his behavior… as long as he stays bunkered. Once out in the public, though, just about every thing (I separated the syllables for impact….) he utters is going to be a new Republican campaign slogan and bumper sticker and I just can’t wait…. (I’ll paraphrase below.)

    I’m gonna take your AR-14…..

    There’s an intruder in your house? Take your double barrel out on the back porch and put both rounds in the air…..

    To some Missouri pol: Stand up, Chuck… (The guy was confined to a wheelchair!)

    I choose truth over facts…..

    And today… If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black….

    Etc, etc, etc…..

    My real concern here is who is selected as his running mate because if by some twist of fate this clown gets elected, he’s surer than Schiff likely to be 25th Amendmented out of office, and given his stated intention and the quality of that gene pool, I’ll leave to your imaginations how that’s going to work out for the nation……

  2. W Larry

    The democratic party has always been the political party of slavery, of the confederacy, of the Ku Klux Klan, of Jim Crow, of Bull Connor. Instead of physically forcing “people of color” into slavery or to the back of the bus like they did back then; Satan has now upped their game against the weak-minded common people “of all colors”.

    Seems nearly every leftist-run local and state government throughout our country has been riddled with corruption and their own pocket-lining while the actual public they are sworn to serve suffer economically and socially. This is certainly also true at the federal level. Seems every member of the last administration entered office with modest personal wealth but left office gaining multiple millions, even billions in personal assets. Globalist and Chinese pay-offs they desperately want to hide. You see, public office to these types only means their own self-service. They are the ruling class over you and will keep you in slavery. They now use deception, lies, coercion and manipulation with the vast resources of the globalist-owning media. Instead of physical slavery, they now keep their slaves through ideological and emotional slavery. Bribing these deluded minions with the impossible promises of free everything, except free-thought and free-speech. Keeping them oppressed and fully dependent upon the scraps from the left’s white, elitist’s table (socialism). Satan is a liar and father of it.​