Biden Stumbled AGAIN On Wednesday!

Posted April 2nd, 2021 by Iron Mike

Install the Acorn Stairlift at WARP Speed!

Sad,  frightening!  Biden stumbles again getting on Air Force One.

Too soon to know if he has bad ankles, – bad knees, bad hips, or bad balance. But something is very wrong.

Until they can get a stair lift installed on his access stairs,  – there should be two big burly Air Force sergeants standing there ready to catch him.

Watch again – carefully – as Biden’s feet come level with the Eagle’s tail feathers…. This is a man who should have his hand on the railing at all times.

3 Responses to “Biden Stumbled AGAIN On Wednesday!”

  1. Kojack

    The IMPOSTER/ILLEGITIMATE POTUS will not be useful for much longer. Commie-la will take over.

  2. panther6

    He is not a well man. How long can the MSM protect him??? Sad that this has befallen our nation.

  3. GreenBeretLTC

    Let’s hope he can remain alert and stable enough to get through the 2020 mid-term election.

    History shows that during the first mid-term election of a presidency, the Congress usually flips to the tune of 25 or so seats. With the 117th Congress’ majority of 5 or 6 Democraps, the stars seem aligned to put them out of business.

    Now, if this flip happens, it won’t be any kind of panacea for Republicans, but they will at least be able to put the breaks on all this Liberal spending and nonsense.

    And that, my friends, is why the Dems are driving this runaway train. They know, or at least highly suspect, an enormous thumping will take place at the polls in Nov 2022….

    Caveats: The Dems can again get out the ballot harvested, dead and duplicate ballots on 2020!

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