Biden Sells His Snake Oil In Bristol PA

Posted October 24th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Trump will make ten (10) rallies this weekend – China Joe will struggle to draw a crowd.

It seems the Teachers Unions still support Biden – because they think they’ll get to stay home and Zoom it in for the rest of this school year.

Yes,  the Trump supporters (aka Patriots) were being very much in Biden’s face.  They should be!

Biden has sold his office, – his vote in the US Senate, – and more recently our entire country to whoever would pay him;  – special interests,  – unions,  – Ukrainians, – Russians,  – the Red Chinese,…anybody with cash….

Now he wants to control our ENTIRE country…?   NOPE!  

One Response to “Biden Sells His Snake Oil In Bristol PA”

  1. Blossom Stiefel

    The Teacher’s Union and the teachers are destroying school for millions of children and young adults. These students need school, and the interaction with other young people, with teachers, face to face in a normal school setting. It is a crime that many teachers are hiding behind a virus, and never want to teach children.

    They should all be fired, we need to hire good, hard working teachers that want to teach the children, in a classroom, in a normal setting. As long as the teachers get their full salaries to sit home and do the teaching via computer, and the Union supports this nonsense, we will not have students learning. Ridiculous!

    If Biden has his way, schools, businesses and life would be shut down indefinitely because of this virus.