Biden Screws Up History – Again!

Posted September 5th, 2020 by Iron Mike

What is it inside Joe’s head that makes him constantly twist and warp even innocent and unimportant issues?  He is talking with a friendly audience that invited him into their church, – so why does he patronize them with this twisted history?

All great lies are built around a grain of truth.  Lewis Howard Latimer – son of two run-away slaves,  – invented and patented the carbon fiber filament,  – which greatly improved the light bulb Edison invented.  Why did Biden twist the truth?

Given the serious economic,  public health,  and political issues facing America today,  – is it a little strange that Biden came to Kenosha with a twisted version of 140-year old History?  Was that ‘fact’ embedded in his head,  – or did he ‘discover’ it in preparation for his trip?

Had he rehearsed it?

And what does that have to do with the racial unrest in Kenosha?

Did he feel a need to stroke the egos and feelings of this Black audience?

For eight years Biden made every decision based on what he thought Obama wanted to hear.

How might he now treat facts while making decisions and formulating policy as our president…?

Here is yet another case where Biden seems entirely comfortable with a skewed version of events…

Is it a little scary that so many Democrats will eagerly vote for Biden,

– without EVER examining the man’s character and history of betraying American interests?

One Response to “Biden Screws Up History – Again!”

  1. Jim Buba

    Rats! He forgot to put the document into the Pre-Paid Overnight Express Envelope to Peking!

    How silly.