Biden Promises Dead Babies Forever!

Posted October 7th, 2020 by Iron Mike

It was a town hall (likely staged) on Monday in Miami.  Biden’s answer should sicken you,  – and his obvious physical difficulty should alarm you.  He’s fading fast.

This clip is revealing for several reasons:

1.  Some young women have little or no regard for their own unborn children,  – but do want to continue having casual and sometimes unsafe sex…

2.  Biden will do or say anything to get their votes…

3.  Note how he fumbles to get his words out.  His mind is going fast.

Do you ~ think ~ this Q & A was staged…?   If it was,  why did Joe have so much obvious trouble remembering his lines?

We need to be aware that there are (former) Democrats who will happily vote for China Joe,  – because they’re fully aware he is already being wire-guided.  They DON’T CARE!

And,  they know that when he’s so far gone that even CNN admits it,  – that Kamala Harris is an even more virulent Socialist and even more ruthless baby-killer.

The former Democrat Party has moved from Slavery to Jim Crow,  – to EBT ghettos,  – and now to Socialism,  COVID masks,  and dead babies.

One Response to “Biden Promises Dead Babies Forever!”

  1. Jim Buba

    “… overview, over-rue Roe.”

    A veritable tongue twister.