Biden Picks An Intense America-Hater!

Posted December 8th, 2020 by Iron Mike

In the normal course of life,  Biden would barely notice Becerra,  – and as a racist himself would not be seen hanging with him.  So why pick him to replace the popular Alex Azar?

It’s all about RACE!

Azar is Dartmouth / Yale Law,  clerked for Scalia, made a good living in the dreaded private sector, and is Greek Orthodox and very pro-Life.  He appeals to the large pro-life segment of Hispanic and Latino voters.

As a lifelong Communist,  Becerra is VERY pro-abortion,  anti-Christian,  and anti-gun.  He is a strong believer in using ethnic and racial differences to divide voters into “manageable and messageable groups”.

Becerra probably thinks of himself as a leading provocateur of the American Communist and the Aztlán movements….

But, despite his Stanford Law Degree and his years in Congress,  – he’s nothing more that a highly conspicuous “useful idiot”,  – a Hispanic Judas Goat willing to sell his people back into slavery for a little recognition, – a little praise, – and a little power.

Such men are contemptible!

Biden didn’t “pick Becerra” – he was TOLD TO!   You are ALREADY seeing what a wire-guided puppet looks and acts like.

In EVERY aspect of our lives,  – where Trump sought to bring Americans together as ONE FAMILY under GOD,  – you are about to watch the forces of Global Communism begin to pit group against group,  race against race – – using our tax money as rewards for tribal behavior. 

Becerra is PERFECT for this job.

Becerra just stood by – idly smiling, – as California convicts helped themselves illegally to as much as $1 BILLION in Coronavirus Pandemic Payouts.

Since his college days Becerra has been a member of “Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán”.

MEChA’s slogan is: “For the race, everything; For those outside the race, nothing.”

Another name for the Aztlán movement is “La Raza” – the Race.

Don’t be expecting much from a Biden pResidency.  Even the people who stole the election for him have VERY LOW EXPECTATIONS for the man.

They want him to simply:

Keep China as “Most Favored Nation”…

Keep a flow of cheap expendable labor walking across our Southern Border.

Keep Planned Parenthood in business killing Black and Brown babies…

Keep the DC Swamp operating so their own underachieving ‘Hunter Bidens’ can get important-sounding government jobs and lucrative ‘consulting’ jobs.

Do you think the people who stole this election for Slow Joe will live long enough to regret it?

Or will they all die mysterious deaths,  – like what happened after JFK was killed?

One Response to “Biden Picks An Intense America-Hater!”

  1. Jim Buba

    “Birds of a feather…”

    Didn’t realize Joe wears a wire. Even if it is for Remote Control.

    Blinky will NEVAH be president