Biden Flings First Responders Under The Bus

Posted October 22nd, 2021 by Iron Mike

CNN suck-up Anderson Cooper hosted a “Town Hall” for Biden in Baltimore Thursday night;  – and asked him if police and firefighters who refuse the vaccine should be fired.   Biden quickly answered “YES!”

This is the same China Joe Biden who claimed for decades to have a “special place in his heart for firefighters”,  – because they stood by him after his wife was killed.  Video:

If there is a Cop, a Firefighter, or an EMT in your family – make SURE they watch this clip….

They should understand how quickly China Joe throws them under his bus.

CNN (sometimes in recent years called the Communist News Network) held this town hall in heavily Democrat / heavily Black Baltimore – to shore up Biden’s failing poll numbers.

If you want to watch the ENTIRE scripted production – enjoy!


Now that the 2020 presidential election has proven that Democrats know how to steal elections,  – they no longer need to coddle city employees,  – like cops,  firefighters,  teachers,  and city maintenance and garbage crews.

They don’t need your ACTUAL votes any more – they’ve learned to rig the machines to get them anyway…

NOW,  – the more city employees they can FIRE,  – the less the burden is on those hollowed-out city pension funds….they’ve been stealing from.

We Republicans have told you for DECADES not to trust Democrats;  – that they were just USING YOU.

You just heard it from Biden’s lips… DON’T MATTER!

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