Beware The Smirking Muslim

Posted August 23rd, 2013 by Iron Mike

Just a cultural misunderstanding?  In bomb-shattered Boston , – just a mile from Governor Patrick’s favorite mosque, – a bearded young man in distinctive Muslim garb tosses something under an MBTA bus.  After one hell of a scare,  it turns out to be an empty chocolate milk container.  He’s released without bail to face littering charges.
Amar Ibrahim in Court
Misunderstanding? Or terrorist dry run? 

Planned AttackIn less than three (3) weeks it will be September 11th again…

– a school day. Boston’s MBTA buses and school buses will be packed with kids – morning and afternoon.

Is there something being planned?

Hey Amar, – if you really want to be a fearless jihadi, – pack your spare shorts and head for Damascus…. Of course, Assad’s guys shoot back, – but if you’re really a warrior for Allah…

Sorry, your EBT Card won’t work in Damascus.  [Jeez, maybe it will!  Oops!]Bashing Your Towel Rack

7 Responses to “Beware The Smirking Muslim”

  1. Tom

    Bingo, look at the twinkle inhospitable evil eyes. No one should be trusted with the anniversary just around the corner, vigilance is the best preventative.

  2. Casey Chapman

    The world is upside down. Panic because of a chocolate wrapper. Pressure cookers being called weapons of mass destruction. WE need to vigilant, yes. Where do we draw the line, between being cautious and going around the bend? Just a thought. This reminds me a lot of the kid who got suspended from school, just because he bit off enough of a pop tart to make it look like a gun.

  3. Varvara

    He doesn’t have to pack spare shorts, that’s western. Read Robert D. Kaplan’s books, he explains country folk don’t wear them. If you do you must be a spy.

  4. Walter Knight

    Fear the Beard.


    It’s not the beard that concerns us.

    It’s the blatant refusal to become ‘American’ – and instead attempt to overwhelm our western culture by sheer numbers – protected all the while by our Constitution, our equal-opportunity laws, and our courts.

  5. Kojack

    According to Mark Steyn’s well researched book, “America Alone” all of Europe will be Islamic in 20 years just by the weight of birth-rate demographics and here in the U.S. there will be significant numbers of Muslims in the way they are over in the EU right now. Is there anybody who thinks that if they become the majority they will hold up the US Constitution over Sharia Law?!?!? If so I’ve got some “authentic” Obama carbon credits to sell ya!!!

    Colonel Allen West is the only one in gov’t(at the time) to courageously and accurately describe this threat. Islam is not a religion – it is an ideology thinly veiled as a religion. Our current leadership doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude to address this threat effectively nor will it in the foreseeable future. I’m glad I’ll be looking to check-out in 20 years as this world is gonna get mighty ugly…hopefully I’ll be able to take out some of these invasive rag-heads before I go.

  6. Exit- Stage Right

    They have us where they want us – a bunch of paranoid fools. They can make us jump when they want to.

    Leeches and sheeple and wimps – oh my – Just the illusion of a threat will cause another martial law crackdown in this state.