Beware Of Invasive Mice

Posted October 7th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Fresh off her stunning success getting Ed Markey [that 40-year do-nothing government worker] elected as our US Senator,  MassGOP Chair Mouse Kirsten Hughes has decided to hijack an on-going ballot petition drive being run by actual Republicans. Me Too Kirsten
Proof that theft is the sincerest form of flattery..?  And it only took her two (2) full months!

I was there August 7th at the statehouse steps with those activists who kicked off the signature collection drive. She wasn’t anywhere to be seen….

I’ll believe she actually cares a hoot, when I see her out collecting signatures.

Meanwhile her email today is sure to make more than just this old soldier angry. Kirsten's Email

Kirsten, do you even have a clue how obnoxious you’ve become to loyal Republicans, – and how totally happy John Walsh is that you’re the head RiNO?

Folks, the Petition Drive is real, – we need 100,000 signatures any registered voter can sign. Real Republicans and Conservative Independants and Democrats are in fact the activists behind the drive, – NOT the MassGOP!

  BTW: think it’s ‘just a coincidence’ that the MassGOP logo looks like Obama’s logo?

7 Responses to “Beware Of Invasive Mice”

  1. Sherox

    Please note: one cannot sign the petition on line. It must be done in person on a Massachusetts approved form.

  2. Jim Buba

    Perhaps she should don her Little Mermaid outfit and start singing.

    At least she can carry a tune.

    Not much else, but in bad times, the tune may lift the spirits.

  3. Sylvester

    Kirsten at the State Committee Meeting last month was asked by the “Tank the Gas Tax” people, ” How many sheets do you want to take Kristen to get signatures?” Her answer was “NONE but I will sign one!”…….. She is running for City office and she can’t take some sheets and ask people as she is door knocking to sign?????? She takes dumb to a new level.
    The Conservative Activists will never let the MASSGOP take credit for this one!

  4. Janine

    You go to the link and it makes it look like you can sign online, which you can’t. She’s afraid that the GOP will look bad when they come up with less signatures than other groups who have been doing this all along. Keep up the good work Mike. Always appreciate your updates!

  5. Kim

    Isn’t it illegal to ask people to sign the petition when it’s not the petition? Kind of like posting the wrong election date in your opposition’s strongholds?

    That being asked, this is the problem, we have no opposition party in this State, the Mass GOP is circling the drain. . . Thank you, Senator Brown, you sure picked a winner to run the State Party. And thank you State Committee for being the sheep that you are and voting for her.

  6. Casey Chapman

    WE need to impeach/recall her and send her away.