Beverly Scott’s MBTA Snowzilla Winter

Posted February 9th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Why was an AA/EEO lady from Atlanta hired to keep Massachusetts trains running?  This is Doctor Scott’s 4th winter here;  – by now she’s run out of excuses.
outvoted by snow

Deval Patrick
would have just asked Bob DeLeo for more money.  Let’s hope that Charlie Baker has a different solution….

Nobody is claiming that running the “T” is an easy management task.  But maybe a degree in Political Science isn’t the best foundation?
severe delays

Certainly running Atlanta’s MARTA was not the requisite experience for running trains and buses in Massachusetts. They don’t have Nor’easters in Atlanta.

Atlanta averages 2” of snow per year.

Newton, Mass gets 52”.   ‘Nough said?

two snowzillas

As of today Charlie Baker has been Governor for just 33 days, – and Mother Nature sent him a LOT of snow to test his leadership.

More Delays

Deval Patrick would never have even acknowledged the failures of the MBTA / MTA during these storms. He would have taken the opportunity to declare a CRISIS – and demanded the Legislature cough up more tax money, – and he’d be looking to raise the T fares.

a question of priorities

But now well into her fourth (4th) Massachusetts Winter,  Doctor Scott can NOT claim to have just been taken by surprise.

Even if she’s been an Al Gore acolyte, – at some point over these past four winters she should have awakened to New England reality.

the image of unready

One thing Charlie Baker doesn’t need is to go into the winter of 2015-16 with the same service interruptions, – the same equipment failures, – and the same inept leadership running the T.

Shuttle buses

Beverly Scott may not be the only head needing to head for warmer states.

Hey Gov!  Better take care of business before there’s a new version of this old tune going around!

red and green lines stalled

BREAKING: Monday nite 9 Feb 2015   MBTA cancels ALL trains for Tuesday 10 Feb.  Ride the T?  You’re SCREWED!    I’m beginning to smell a disability retirement in the works…

7 Responses to “Beverly Scott’s MBTA Snowzilla Winter”

  1. Varvara

    I’m sure Charlie Baker will not go into the winter of 2015-2016 unprepared.

  2. Tom Gilroy

    DeVal did his very best to search for and find the most unqualified minority candidates available to fill positions of responsibility. He was undoubtedly thinking about himself, an abject failure in whatever he had done prior to election and without a doubt the worst governor we have had.

  3. KarenG

    Beverly needs to get the boot — an independent part time snow plow operator could do a better job — seriously…

  4. Hawk1776

    I’m unsure about this. Clearly hiring someone from Atlanta to deal with Boston’s winter woes was an odd choice. However, from her interviews it appears to me that she has a firm understanding of the problem. Let’s not forget that she is dealing with unprecedented snowfall and an aging infrastructure that wasn’t designed to work with a lot of snow. I will withhold judgement until we see how she deals with the MBTA’s problems going forward.
    Going FORWARD? All she’s going to do is gain more WEIGHT!

    She was UNFIT for the job back when she was hired – physically unable to get around and SUPERVISE….
    Beverly A. Scott  MBTA  Unfit to Supervise

  5. Steve

    Scott was hired in September 2012. How does that make this her 4th winter here?


    1. 2012-13
    2. 2013-14
    3. 2014-15

    You’re right! How many more do you want to give her?

  6. Rick

    They now give a Ph.D in bullshit? Every word out of this latest hack of hacks is “infrastructure.” The only thing old is the excuses. And how do they get new equipment? China!

    Before the snow, Beverly, just explain the delays, missed schedules, doors opening on a whim, surly employees, and the fact that your quasi hack infested agency did their best to hide pension info.

  7. Walter Knight

    Fire Java the Nut.