Beth Lindstrom – Hand-Picked RiNO!

Posted August 22nd, 2017 by Iron Mike

The RiNO wing of the Massachusetts Democrat Party have selected their candidate to attempt a run next year against Senator Screeching Squaw.

The Romney-Weld-Baker Cabal have chosen Beth Lindstrom.  
You don’t NEED to know anything about her;  – they’ve made their PICK!   Screw you!

The Geoff Diehl campaign is well underway – being pointedly ignored by most of the media and the MassGOP,  and the Never-Trump RiNO insiders are clearly worried.

So there is a hurriedly scratched-together Lindstrom website – with her pretty picture – but nothing on her positions.

So typical of the MassHole RiNOs,  – they think all you need is a NAME and a FACE – and you’re supposed to TRUST THEM,  – that once in the US Senate she’ll act like a Republican…

How’d that work out with Scott Brown – supposedly our 41st vote?

He immediately turned his back on the TEA Party – and did his famous “Reaching across the Aisle”.   We got SCREWED!   And Scott lost to the Squaw!

Hmmm….  Lindstrom’s biggest Claim to Fame – is that she was Scott Brown’s campaign manager…?

RRB is not yet ready to endorse Diehl,  – but we must point out the long history the RiNO Cartel has here of shoving FAKE REPUBLICANS onto the ballot – and screwing the whole state.

Ed the Ice Cream Man Markey is in the US Senate today because these insider bastards forced FAKE REPUBLICAN “Navy Seal” onto our ballot.   Gomez had given money to Obama and other Democrats.

Where Did You Fight Gabe?

I smelled the rotten fish when Gomez refused to sit for an interview!

UPDATE:    Friday 24 August 2018    FINAL THOUGHTS!

As you make your final decision for the September 4th Primary….know that I’d met and listened to one of Beth’s early stump speeches at a local RTC last December.

I invited her for an interview, – offering her campaign tips in exchange for candor.

We met in early January – for over 90 minutes.  She was candid enough,  – but OMG,  she is historically IGNORANT – could not explain any of the major events of the 20th Century.  Scary!

I gave her a study sheet – offered to meet with her again in 30 days….


I was UNABLE to find a strongly held REPUBLICAN position or principle anywhere in her!

Folks,  BOTTOM LINE is she is a Mitt Romney RiNO.  She is afraid of guns,  thinks the 2nd Amendment is ‘about hunting’,  believes in abortion,  – and as of January she had an intense DISLIKE for Trump.

As a US Senator she’d be no better than a Susan Collins of a Jeff Flake.

Tuesday 4 Sept 2018   –  Beth came in THIRD.


27 Responses to “Beth Lindstrom – Hand-Picked RiNO!”

  1. Varvara

    Has anyone noticed that these candidates are attractive? Is this supposed to get the public to vote for them? Geoff is OK, not super star attractive. Does this mean he has brains, that the Republican Party is not counting on votes because he is not Hollywood perfect?

  2. Sylvester

    The Question is: Is the MASSGOP once again cutting deals with the Democrats to run weak candidates so we can have a Republican ( who is really a Democrat) as Governor?
    My answer is YES.

  3. Joe Dunn

    Beth Lindstrom’s introduction video made me fall asleep almost from the beginning, much like her son. If you watch carefully, he yawns. Beth Lindstrom: Cure for insomnia.

  4. integrity 1st

    I can’t tell you how many GOOD people that share our views, don’t know the dirt on the rest of the rats in that picture with Romney etc. Even fewer know how much Baker betrayed us, and decimated our party beyond anything a dem governor could do to our state committee. These are people we could win over if only they knew, but don’t even know the influence and power of the state committee. I’m counting on you to pull it all together for them, in layman’s terms, and connecting the dots, and us to get it out there for them.

  5. Marty Lamb

    Kirsten Hughes said that Lindstrom would be “a Senator in the model of Susan Collins”
    Do we need to know anything else?

  6. Sonny's Mom

    Historical trivia: Back then, I wrote to Don Shipley, who verified that Gabriel Gomez was a SEAL. But I didn’t ask the reason for discharge after a service record of only 3 years.

  7. Leonard Mead

    Only two more weeks left having to smell the liberal political sewer in Massachusetts. Then back to Tampa for the winter.

    Land of
    -Voting for Trump
    -NO income tax
    -NO inheritance tax
    -MOST jobs created (#1 or 2) in last year
    -$75,000 off taxable value of your home
    -Sunshine and swimming in January.
    -COME ON DOWN. VISIT! Then MOVE. Then vote for REAL Conservatives.
    Len Mead, Unwashed Conservative

  8. Marty Lamb

    John “Thurstaon” Kingston, III is still in the race and recently hire Matt Sisk, the disgraced formed head of DCR.
    Question to ponder, is Lidstrom just a MassGOP diversion away from their real candidate Kingston? Will the fact there are now 2 establishment candidates be used by the establishment block of the State Committee to argue that their convention rule change adding super delegates isn’t to impose their candidate?

  9. Jim Gettens

    Beth Lindstrom, candidate for the Myopia Hunt Club–– Bain Capital, and probably Planned Parenthood.

    Good luck with that, Beth!

    After you lose the primary maybe fellow RINO Kerry Healey can carve out a new position for you at Babson College, or, if you really dislike the ‘dreaded private sector’ or ‘academia,’ Charles D. Faker, Jr. will line up a new $90,000+ position for you under Matt Beaton in Energy and Environmental Affairs. You know, Energy and Environmental Affairs is THE PLACE for pastured HACKS from the RINO WING of the MASS. RINO PARTY.

  10. sad4magop

    This is all Baker – sticking his nose into every aspect of the Republican Party. A Party he despises by the way. So much so that he spent millions to oust real republicans on the state committee, never saw a liberal social policy he would not support, and publicly acknowledged he would not vote for Trump. Now comes his girl Beth, there to serve one purpose, to make sure nobody outshines Charles D Baker (The D is for Dim.) Don’t believe his phony popularity numbers. Republicans know a wimp when they see one. One and Done Baker will get his due in about 15 months.

  11. Clinton ma tea party

    The entire state committee and Gop leadership in Massachusetts must be purged. We the people of Massachusetts must call for all of the Rinos from Baker down the crap pole to be removed from our party. The people must take the party back.

  12. Joe Dunn

    Thank you for this blog Mike. Great post!

  13. Kojack

    INTEGRITY – You articulated my concerns perfectly. Most people don’t know what’s REALLY going on. They don’t pay attention like we do and still use the old DEMOCRAT vs REPUBLICAN paradigm that went out the window a long time ago.

    LEONARD MEAD – I hope to join you in a few years if I can get a job down there and then retire in place.

  14. Kojack

    IRON MIKE – Great job cataloguing the recent BETRAYALS the republicans of this state have had to endure.

    Go Geoff Diehl!

  15. Paul Fallavollita

    I’d never heard of Beth Lindstrom, but her candidacy definitely feels like “astroturfing.” Folks like Baker and Romney have come out against the President in their public remarks recently. But Massachusetts needs someone who will work with the President to get things done (one of the reasons why Liz Warren is currently such a liability). Why replace Liz Warren with “Warren-Lite?”

    It’s clear at this point in the campaign that Geoff Diehl is a true Republican, a true conservative respected by the grassroots, and a true ally of the President. Time for the GOP to unite behind Geoff and get him to DC where he can make some positive change!

  16. Frank

    That wimpy coward Geoff Diehl wasn’t speaking on The Boston Common Saturday like courageous Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai was:


    BUT, Shiva gave $2,000 to John Kerry….? Explain?

    Shiva gave Kerry $2K

  17. Kojack

    Shiva Ayyadurai was also really courageous when he BEAT UP HIS GIRLFREIND and he showed real good judgement when he made the MAXIMUM DONATION to John, Live-shot, Kerry’s campaign.

    If that weren’t enough, in the interview with Howie Carr he proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that he is a TOTAL ASSHOLE!!!

    Geoff Diehl has REAL legislative accomplishments in spite of being overwhelmingly out-numbered by the moon-bats and he has a SOLID record of INTEGRITY and being a genuine grassroots conservative who can get things done.

    Let’s get behind Geoff now and not waste time or money on anyone else.

  18. integrity 1st

    To me it is not an incontrovertible fact that Shiva “beat up his girl friend”, so I’ll let that go right now. What is an incontrovertible fact is that Frank Licata is a dem troll of the lowest order, and his character assaults on Diehl are absolutely absurd. They speak volumes to Frank’s character,but really? calling Diehl a “wimpy coward” and posting meme’s to that affect ??? Frank, you do such a disservice to poor Shiva EVERY. TIME. YOU. OPEN. YOUR. MOUTH. and your repetitive nonsense about one of our better Republicans counters everything else you pretend to stand for. Get real, will you?

  19. Kojack

    If you listen to the Howie Carr interview, as difficult as that is, it is quite evident that Shiva beat up his former girlfriend.

    Frank is not the only one who trashes Geoff Diehl. Before I had ever heard of Shiva, I received a solicitation email from him in which he thoroughly eviscerated Diehl. Familiar with Diehl as I am from following his incredible legislative accomplishments against overwhelming odds, I knew instantly that Shiva is NFG. Candidates of substance don’t begin their campaigns by trashing an opponent with the integrity that Diehl has.

  20. Sonny's Mom

    Kojack: arrest report mentioned shoving and anger management issues. Granny Warren’s oppo research team would make excellent use of something like that.

  21. Lonnie Brennan

    Shiva made an ass out of himself when he went before a CLT meeting ONE MONTH after Diehl had been there (being honored), and trashed Diehl.

    Almost everyone in the room has known Diehl for years and years, and were present the month before when Diehl was honored by the group. Shiva looked stupid.

    But then again, telling everyone that the FIRST TIME HE EVER, EVER voted in his life (he’s 53 years old) was the FALL OF 2016. Not very adult of him. He’s gone, toast.

  22. Frank Licata

    Lindstrom & Kingston are Never-Trumpers, just like Baker. Diehl is a Fake-Trumper who betrayed the Trump campaign while claiming to represent it. Cruzers Geoff Diehl & Bonnie Johnson infiltrated the Trump campaign and caused much more damage than they did good, The two were exactly why the Littleton MA primary office was shut down & Dean Cavaretta was terminated right after Super Tuesday. POTUS does not need these self-serving clowns because he has enough people working against him. What he needs is a Trump-Loyalist.

  23. Frank

    Geoff Diehl betrayed Trump:

  24. Frank Licata

    Dirty Geoff Diehl betrayed Trump while pretending to represent him. More at:

  25. Integrity 1st

    Iron Mike, would it be possible to do a video interview with Frank Licata to expose who and what he is? It would speak for itself and then we could just post a link every time he’s out on the internet spewing his BS while trolling for the Dems. People need to know.

  26. Frank Licata

    Yes, Mike, since we all want integrity first (and DirtyDiehl has none after betraying Trump) , I think it would be a great idea to do an interview with MANY of us Trump Loyalists that witnessed the corruption of Geoff Diehl during the Massachusetts primary 2016 so we can FULLY expose dirty Geoff Diehl the Fake Trumper as demonstrated at:

  27. Frank Licata

    No more dirty deals: