Bernie The Commie Suspends 2020

Posted April 8th, 2020 by Iron Mike

From his living room in Vermont – decorated like an office in the Lubyanka Prison,  – Bernie the Buzzard suspends his White House quest….

In his communist mind – the Wuhan Coronavirus Pandemic is ‘PROOF’ that America needs a single-payer government-controlled health-care system. VIDEO:

When Bernie ‘surrendered’ to Hillary back in 2016,  he got a payday,  – and bought a house. 

What does he get THIS time…?

Life will be hard for Bernie now.  He’ll have only his Mayor’s pension,  his House pension,  and his US Senate pension,  – – and of course his Platinum Congressional Health Care Plan,….plus whatever campaign funds he managed to squirrel away…

No more hordes of mindless adoring youth…

Did he really think the Party of Hillary and Obama was going to let him win this time…?


UPDATE:   Tuesday, 14 April 2020  The Wisconsin votes have been counted;  Biden crushed Bernie 2:1

No wonder Bernie quit the very next day….OUCH!


2 Responses to “Bernie The Commie Suspends 2020”

  1. Walter Knight

    Sanders is done skimming money from the campaign. Time to buy another house.

  2. Jim Ettwein

    One good thing… the market is rallying at the thought of one fewer socialist in its midst. And, this will have been his last chance at seeking this post. Good riddance. Luckily we can all avoid feeling the Bern.