Bernie Sanders Praises Food Lines

Posted February 22nd, 2019 by Iron Mike

Somebody dug up a piece of vintage Bernie circa 1988 – in which he praises countries that have food lines.

Do you expect him – 30 years later – to admit he was wrong…? 
2 videos:

At what point in his life did Bernie accept that our Free Market System gets more good food to more people than any other system on earth?

Or,…is he still in bitter denial….?

Socialism and its ultimate form – Communism – are not methods to “fairly distribute” food, goods, and wealth.

They are systems where an elite few control everything

and it is ALWAYS inefficient and corrupt,  – and people ALWAYS are imprisoned and shot.

This video should scare you – a unit of the Venezuelan Army massed at the Columbia Border on orders of the dictator Maduro – to block people from the food in the relief column across the bridge….

THIS is another reason our Founders gave us our 2nd Amendment,  – so that no future dictator or king could ever turn our sheriffs or our army against us.  

Remember,  when the Army can be used to deny people food (as Mao did in China – starving some 60,000,000 peasants to death),  it is the King who decides who lives and who dies of starvation…

Anybody out there really want this die-hard old commie (domestic enemy) in charge of their food chain?

One Response to “Bernie Sanders Praises Food Lines”

  1. Kojack

    Too bad the COMMUNIST MORON was never in a food line himself so he could experience what he wants to inflict on the rest of us. The same goes for ASS(aka AOC) and LIE-A-WATHA.