Bernie Sanders Draws 17,000 In Tacoma

Posted February 18th, 2020 by Iron Mike

You may loathe his communist politics,  but he damn near filled the Tacoma Dome (holds 23,000).  This rivals Trump’s numbers,  – even if only once,  – and only in the LibTurd-soaked greater Seattle area.

Can’t wait to see him tear into Billionaire Bloomberg in Vegas Wednesday night.

These people want their FREE STUFF,  – and they don’t give a damn who has to PAY for it!

Don’t think for a minute that Trump’s re-election is ‘a sure thing’,  – when this many misguided (and very selfish) fools will follow their commie pied piper over a cliff while mindlessly abandoning any claim to being Free Citizens.

This is a generation denied REAL HISTORY,  while steeped the the magic of Harry Potter and Hogwarts,  – so the ideas of FREE COLLEGE and FREE HEALTH CARE seem just the flick of Bernie’s wand away…

God forbid that these spoiled kids ever have to get a JOB and EARN their penicillin.

4 Responses to “Bernie Sanders Draws 17,000 In Tacoma”

  1. Sonny's Mom

    They probably showed up for the free rock concert and accompanying drug scene.

  2. Jim Buba

    Bernie is rivalling Jerry Springer and the crowds show up for a shot of skin.

    Pathetic at every level.

  3. Vic

    Do you think the old geezer’s heart is going to last until November? I expect before this season is over that Sanders will become a GOOD commie.


    Good point Vic. If it happens – even just well-documented natural causes, those on the Extreme Left will suddenly start to understand why we have always questioned the deaths of Antonin Scalia and Andrew Breitbart….

  4. Walter Knight

    There is something about rain that causes liberals to gather.


    Maybe because it’s FREE…?