Bernie Babes Deliver Nevada!

Posted February 23rd, 2020 by Iron Mike

Common Sense and Basic Math came to die in the ‘Democrat Party’ Caucus Halls of Nevada Saturday.  Once the stuff of fiction, – millennials came and proved they feel justified in voting to kill and eat the rich.

Every American who has worked hard to provide a decent life for their families should feel a shiver of real FEAR this morning,  – knowing that young (and some aging) members of your community agree with Sanders,  – that the RICH are corrupt and must be stripped.

40+ years of socialist infiltration of your public school systems and your colleges and universities have accomplished what Stalin and Mao never could,  – Americans who have no clue about the History of the 20th Century are literally and eagerly voting to live under a Communist Dictatorship.

At this point – can anything short of a fatal heart attack stop Bernie from completing his takeover of the former Democrat Party?

Now Bernie needs to start thinking of PRACTICAL MATTERS,  – like where can he find a Vice President awful enough to keep him alive,  – in the way Biden did for Obama…?

And Americans need to think seriously about whether they like the economic miracle Trump has brought,…

– or if they want to see everything given away to the hordes of new illegals who will swarm our borders the minute Bernie is elected in November.

Americans who work in Health Care – any part of it – should be aware that if Bernie’s communist ideas of “FREE HEALTH CARE FOR ALL” ever become the Law of the Land,  – you will suddenly find yourself a SLAVE of the government.

Ammo up America – – we may be headed toward Civil War!

4 Responses to “Bernie Babes Deliver Nevada!”

  1. Jim Buba

    Ouch! Scary math indeed. The problems started streaming in after the first 3% were tallied. Since Biden wasn’t close enough to the top to allow Blatant Fraud by Theft, the DNC relented by slowing down the count/tally process and admitted defeat.

    B.S. won the Nevada Caucus, just like he did in 2016. The more important note is in the total vote, which is about 22% smaller in 2020 vs 2016.

    Beyond that, do notice that Biden has a higher percentage with a lower vote total.

    New (democrat) Math no doubt.

  2. panther 6

    If Biden losses SC I suspect Bernie is on his way. Now the question is where is he on his way too??? The DNC isn’t through and not only Bloomberg but Hillary and Michelle are both lurking in the shadows.


    Sir! Your years in SF are showing,…waiting on the edge of the DZ for an unholy savior to parachute in and save DemoCRAPS from themselves.

  3. Sherox

    The establishment Democrats are all in shock. Their chickens have come home to roost.

    It wasn’t just Bernie Babies voting for Bernie, it was also the old hippies and handout people.

    How much do you want to bet that AOC will be his running mate?


    She can’t be Sherox; she’s too young. Read Article II, § 1, Paragraph 5.

  4. Kojack

    “40+ years of socialist infiltration of your public school systems and your colleges and universities have accomplished what Stalin and Mao never could….”

    The results in NV are solid and undeniable evidence that the commie efforts are paying off, however, they will never win the general election as long as the part of the electorate age 50 and older is alive, but after that?????