Beretta USA Moves OUT Of Maryland

Posted July 22nd, 2014 by Iron Mike

Yet another profitable and prestigious gun manufacturer has decided to depart the liberal North and find a more welcoming place in the South.
Beretta Dumps Liberal Maryland!
Beretta decided to move ALL gun manufacturing from Accokeek, Maryland to Gallatin, Tennessee – where their new building is going up as you read this. The move will be complete mid-2015.

Now it’s ooey-gooey liberal Martin O’Malley’s turn to say goodbye to high-paying factory jobs and goodbye to much needed tax revenue.

But he DID sign Maryland’s gay marriage bill, – and after all, – isn’t that all that matters…?

By contrast, Tennessee Republican Governor Bill Haslam isn’t getting too excited about gay issues. But he’s VERY happy with the $45 Million new Baretta facility in Gallatin, and the 300 new jobs – now likely to double.

The breaking point for Beretta came in May 2013, when O’Malley signed a sweeping anti-gun law – effectively outlawing 45 types of popular handguns – and any magazine holding more than 10 rounds. 

Much like the law about to be passed and signed here in Massachusetts – Maryland’s law does NOTHING to stop “gun violence”, – it’s just liberal feel-good BS which puts unconstitutional burdens on law-abiding legal gun owners.

Beretta leaving maryland

Company officers have a legal duty to do what’s best for the business. Tennessee!

smith & wesson how much longer

I ~ guess ~ Deval Patrick can house illegals here when this factory has been emptied…

2 Responses to “Beretta USA Moves OUT Of Maryland”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    A disturbing trend in the Northeast, Coonecticut, New York, Maryland and Massachusetts. Good solid manufacturing jobs leaving these liberal Democrat states, never to be replaced, moving to more gun tolerant states in the South such as Tennessee, Alabama and Texas. Massachusetts has similar laws to Maryland, 10 round mag limits and many gun manufacturers and types banned in this state. I am sure that Smith and Wesson is weighing their options in more gun friendly and lower taxed states. It’s only a matter of time.

  2. Casey Chapman

    What took Baretta so long, and why hasn’t Smith and Wesson moved to Texas? Our so called governor has his priorities up side down. He hates guns and their manufacturers, yet he’s proud of the buffer zone outside baby killing factories, I mean Planned Parenthoods. I hope the next governor has his/her head on a little straighter. Hope springs eternal, I guess.