Benghazi Massacre – 1 Full Year Later

Posted September 10th, 2013 by Iron Mike

The Obama-Clinton cover-up continues; – no ‘terrorists’ hunted down, arrested or killed, – no Congressional investigations, – ZERO truth, – ZERO accountability!
Obama Clinton benghazi cover-up

A scorecard stacked in favor of al Qaeda:
Years from now 2012 will seem like the most disgraceful American presidential election ever.

Obama was lying that ‘al Qaeda was on the run’ and GM was alive.

Then – on the very anniversary of 9/11 – his weapons-smuggling operation at Benghazi blew up in his face.

Vile VideoHis cartel seemed to have a ready cover-story and culprit – ‘a vile anti-Muslim You-Tube video’ that nobody had seen – least of all anybody in North Africa…

 A key question I want answered: – since nobody had seen the ‘vile video’ – how come everybody in the Obama White House knew all about it?

Four (4) Americans dead – Ambassador Stevens clearly sodomized for hours – and no rescue effort ever dispatched.

Worse – somebody in the White House told potential rescuers to ‘Stand Down!’

And where was Obama during those fateful hours?   Rumors swirled – was Obama smuggling weapons to Syria? Was the Ambassador intended as a hostage to be swapped for the Blind Sheik?  Had the Hillary’s State Department actually hired an al Qaeda unit to ‘guard’ the Benghazi compound?

If America had looked strong and purposeful in chasing the Taliban and UBL out of Afghanistan after 9/11,  we now looked utterly inept and foolish blaming a You-Tube video while Obama worked overtime to squash any competent investigation.

Obama lying at the UN

Journalists reached the crime scene weeks before the FBI, – and in the months to follow actually interviewed the attackers.

Inside of a year later, the State Department incompetents have been restored to their jobs, – the whistle-blowers remain in limbo, and Hillary is on the speech-giving circuit. Lies unon lies

Susan LIAR Rice – the US Ambassador to the US dispatched to five Sunday talk shows to spread the VIDEO LIE – has been promoted to…White House National Security Advisor.  That alone should be an impeachable offense.

And Obama?  He’s trying to start a War of Distraction with Syria so we’ll stop asking about Benghazi.  He calls this ‘a phony scandal’.

I cannot believe that somewhere tomorrow al Qaeda will do something nasty to make the point that they’re hardly on the run, – and that they don’t fear Obama’s blustering boasts at all.

Are we stronger or weaker after 4½ years of the Obama pResidency? Desert One 

I say we haven’t looked so weak and pathetic since Jimmy Carter micro-managed the failed hostage rescue attempt in April 1980 – 33 years ago.

Here is a scandal for you: – most Americans and almost all Democrats can’t point to either Benghazi or Syria on this map!Unmarked Map

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  1. Casey Chapman

    Nothing this “man” does surprises me. worries, yes.