Being Nice To Hamas Doesn’t Pay

Posted June 1st, 2010 by Iron Mike

The “crisis” was concocted for the benefit of the world press, with the intent of vilifying Israel.  For Hamas it would be a win-win situation any way it ended.  They got their wish.

 By way of background,  the biblical strip of blood soaked sand and rock known as Gaza has been under Hamas control since their bloody ouster of the more “moderate” Fattah in June 2007.  Hamas thugs completed their murders of Fattah activists and Israel sealed off Gaza to everything except food and medicine.  But that didn’t stop Hamas – their next move was a series of rocket attacks on Israel civilian targets.  During the 2008 election year – even then-Senator Obama came to see the damage. 

Aided mostly by Iran and some by Saudi Arabia, and abetted by Egypt, smuggling of all sorts of weapons into tiny Gaza has continued unabated.  Tunnels are the preferred method, but some things are too big for tunnels, and Gaza’s open beaches invite the bold.  Only the Israeli Navy stands between the smugglers and the murders of Hamas.

Liberal idiots the world over are always quick to side with “the oppressed”.  And the Islamic world has been very skillful in painting the Palestinians in general and “the poor people of Gaza” as the oppressed victims of Israeli ruthlessness and heartlessness.  A plan develops: Let’s send a relief convoy of ships to land “relief supplies” at the port of Gaza. Call it a relief convoy carrying humanitarian aid, and bluff the Israelis into letting it through – or looking like heartless goons.  Put a bunch of useful idiotswestern peace activists on board to draw attention from the world press”.  Yeah, that should work. 

The “relief fleet” gathers in Cyprus amid much publicity.  After a false start or two – they set sail for Gaza.  When asked politely by Israel to dock in Israel and have the cargo checked, – they of course refuse.  They want a confrontation, and their actions practically beg for it.  Nobody is going to back down with the cameras rolling.

The Israelis take the bait and plan a helicopter-borne assault by their best commandos.  And expecting only activists armed with video cameras, they actually leave their machineguns home and come aboard with paintball guns – to mark the ringleaders with splats of harmless paint.  Bad move.

The “activists” weren’t the only ones aboard.  Hard-core Hamas thugs are too, and they’re armed and ready for bloodshed.  In the brawl that followed, a number of thugs and some activists were killed, and others wounded. 

OF COURSE the world press and the Third World diplomatic corps explodes in anti-Israeli indignation and wrath.  “Murderers!”  “Pirates!”  This is EXACTLY the end result Hamas was hoping for.  With luck, now the Israelis will have to tread softly, and their already tenuous alliance with the USA is weakened.  They are more and more isolated.

Israel should NOT tread softly.  Each ship captain should be tried for incitement to riot, and for negligent homicide.  The ships should be impounded. The “activists” should tried, convicted, and both jailed and fined.  The next ship which fails to heave to should be sunk on the spot.

Personal note to the parents/family of any dead activists:  You let your loved one drink the Kool-Aid.  They died as expendable pawns in the hands of Hamas.  Want to rethink that Kool-Aid diet with any remaining children? 

With Obama in the WH, and Clinton at State, – Israel has no friends in this administration.  Obama’s house-Jews, Emanuel and Axelrod are nothing but Judas goats.  Israel is pretty much on its own, and should plan accordingly.  I never understood why Hezbollah did not renew their war last summer.  I am guessing that they will this summer.

Israel, – don’t bother with gentle next time.  Blow the next ship out of the water!  Gaza’s sharks need to eat too!

   /s/  Iron Mike
  Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

2 Responses to “Being Nice To Hamas Doesn’t Pay”

  1. Eric K.

    Mike I had the privilege of meeting you last Thurs. at the temple. Can’t agree with you more about this situation. Glad I wasn’t part of the Israeli command. After failing to heave-to and be boarded…. I’d have sunk them with all hands. But that’s just me. As for the useful idiots on them….Hope they could swim.

    “Where the people fear the government, there is tyranny,
    Where the government fears the people, there is liberty.”
    –Thomas Jefferson

  2. Bishop Seabury

    Absolutely correct. Israel has yet to learn that war is now fought in the media, not with materiel…a lesson that Israel should have internalized in 1982, but has not. Along with the media is the fact that we have an inversion of truth.