BEHOLD: The Trump-Bashing Beggars

Posted June 7th, 2020 by Iron Mike

One senseless needless death – videotaped for the world to see,  and the Democrats’ Voter Slaves revolted and burned their Plantations.  Now their liberal boy mayor wants Trump to bail him out?

People have long since forgotten the names Marquette Frye and Rena Price,  – and most of the young people marching,   protesting, and rioting today in response to the death of George Floyd never even heard about the Watts Riots of 1965.

But History is repeating itself…..

NOTE: two (2) cameramen  – one in the photo, and the other who took this one.

The American Democrat Party has maintained their Black Voter Plantation System for generations* now by telling Blacks that they “…are victims of those rich white factory owners and bankers”,  – so naturally banks become targets.

* Black generations are shorter than White generations,  – since teenage Black girls begin having babies at 13, – 14, and 15,  – so they can qualify for EBT Cards and welfare.

Liberals ALWAYS have the same answer when their voter slaves revolt: FEDERAL MONEY!

They want control of huge tranches of unaccountable Federal Rebuilding Grants,  – to line their own pockets,  – to award contracts to selected friends (who will kick back campaign contributions),  – and to outright buy reelection votes.

Frey:  “With at least $55 million in estimated damage and far more to come,  Minneapolis will need state and federal aid as it attempts to rebuild hundreds of structures after the riots following George Floyd’s death,”….

OF COURSE – in their NEXT BREATH…they talking about DEFUNDING their Police,  – as if the Police had created the racial problems or engineered the Voter Plantations and the system of EBT Welfare Slavery.

The Liberal Insanity is hardly confined to Mayor Frey in Minneapolis.  Most of the big city mayors who have dealt with rioting, arson, and looting these past 2 weeks want bailouts,  – even as some like Eric Garcetti in Los Angeles is listening to Hollywood elites and their calls to “…defund the police”….from behind their gated communities.

A Lesson from History Mayor Garcetti:   When the Roman Emperors became totally corrupt,  and the Empire was shrinking and tax revenue was also shrinking,  – they cut pay to their Legions.

Some of the Legionaries walked away,  – others revolted,  – and Rome was eventually overrun.  You might live to see how that works out.  Your daughter might not like it.

2 Responses to “BEHOLD: The Trump-Bashing Beggars”

  1. Bobo the Hobo

    Let’s hope tomorrow’s headline in the New York Post reads, “Trump to cities: Go to Hell”

    § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § § §

    He’s far more likely to strike a bargain – since they’re all “Sanctuary Cities” that refuse to work with ICE.

    Maybe they’d like to help round up illegals in exchange for rebuilding $$$…?

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    One stupid cop with three willing or unwilling accomplices dealing with a convicted felon, high on drugs, trying to pass counterfeit money and throwing away small packets of his trade while the police were chasing him down. Then, apparently resisting the arrest that led to the stupid behavior that cost him his life.

    What, many may not have heard of all this? Wouldn’t surprise me. Couldn’t have a race-bated martyr on Lame Stream Media if you had….